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Hey all. I've started using Skool as a front-end marketing group instead of a back-end product group. Is anyone else doing this? Attached is the model I'm using. The key differences to the model most in here use: - No ads - No direct outreach - No sales tactics - No content treadmill - Focus on audience building (specifically YouTube) - Focus on community - Using Skool as a marketing community, not product community I ran the new model past Sam and he said he liked it! I also asked for permission to post this here and he said yes. I think this new model is a game-changer for getting to $100k/m profit. I know it's quite difficult to get the full picture from the image, so if you need more info then just comment "Loom" and I'll send you a Loom fully explaining the model. Hope it helps.



Ted Carr
Cody McDowell
Eli Richardson
Griffin A. Hamilton
Joe Moss
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Yes? Or no? Evidence.



Kushagra Rawat
David Jones
Griffin A. Hamilton
Travis Moore
Saqib Rasool
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We just shipped some new gamification features to make things more fun! • Custom level names: Personalize your group by naming your levels. • Unlock courses at levels: Unlock a course or something of value when members hit a high level. • Leaderboard redesign: Now you can see your progress and what you can unlock as you level up. Watch the Loom video below for more info on how it works and how to set it up for yourself. This is an experimental feature we're playing with, so we want to hear your feedback! Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think?



Trent Grzegorczyk
Abhi Amalsadia
Domenic Iandolo
Jason Rashidnia
Sherri Bell
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Just hit 100 members - party time! 🥳 Thought it'd be helpful to share with you 10 lessons I've learned along the way (and wish I knew earlier) so you can grow your Skool community more effectively & keep your members happy to lessen churn. I've also included 4 things I "hate" about Skool, AKA 'Wishlist Features' that I feel would make Skool even better. This is a big milestone for me and I'm so stoked to have made my 'clear & definite aim' a reality! Next target: 1,000 members. Enjoy the lessons, and big thanks to @Sam Ovens for all of his YouTube mentorship over the years. Ted P.S. I'd love to hear what you've learned since using Skool... If you have any tips/strategies for: • Growing your Skool group faster • Keeping your Skool members happy • Using Skool more effectively as an admin/moderator/teacher Please comment below with what they are :) You rock.



Danny Mallinder
Ted Carr
Fitzgerald Council
Thomas Wren
Corey Creed
New comment 13d ago

Hello Skool Team!!! What is the forecast for the feature to remove members who have not paid the monthly fee through ZAPIER or another tool? Thank you very much!



Ted Carr
Dom Summers
New comment 18d ago

Sometimes you need to express a feeling, but words alone can’t quite do it. Now you can add GIFs to Posts, Comments, Replies, and Chats! Just click the GIF button, type your keyword, find the perfect GIF, and it will attach to the post or comment you are writing. Comment below with a GIF! Thanks team! 🙌



Ted Carr
Marcos Razzetti
Chris Marsella
Dalibor Stojkovic
Corey Creed
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I’m brand new to Skool. Joined last week and created my first group. I have around 15 clients getting great results and they all love skool ready to scale up to 75+ before 2023



Nick Guadagnoli
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Dom Summers
Cody McDowell
Jesse Clark
New comment Aug 12
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Thanks Sid its a cool community

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    @Tyler Tumminelli Thanks

I get asked everyday if there's a skool app haha Just wondering if theres a tentative date for when it will be released. I know it's currently on the road map. Thanks!



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Cody McDowell
Dom Summers
New comment Aug 11

i love being off facebook more and more - but today i got my first cold skool dm... anyone else?



Travis Moore
Roman Pearl
David Reis
Dom Summers
Lendon Bracewell
New comment Aug 10

Can you have multiple groups with one login that gives access for the different groups? This seems clear, but I'm just checking first ;)



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Dom Summers
New comment Aug 4
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    great question was going to ask them same

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