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Hello from Greece 🇬🇷
Hi my name is Dimitris and I'm from Greece. I joined the group so that i will create content for my business consciously. Happy to be here. Hope we will make some friendships and exchange opinions about different topics
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    @Giulia Guerrieri Happy to be here Giulia! Well, as current family business working in manufacturing and construction I’m trying to create content that’s attractive to wide range of customers ie. designers architects, mechanics, as well as people who just want something for their house or their space. I’m looking for something that can cover all of this and make it so attractive so that people can actually get to the website and reach out to create something out of their vision!
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    @Giulia Guerrieri It’s good to hear when someone has gone through the same stuff as you, it encourages you. Yes, I have started posting on socials, I have even created paid ads on Facebook that went pretty well, but it’s been a while since then because we’re facing trouble with out website so I’m trying to fix this first. Plus, we’re have taken on some projects at the moment so that means more content for both social media and the website. So it kinda flows rather smoothly for the time being. However Greece has still a lot to learn on how to use social media and stuff so I thought the course might be the perfect “investment” in order for me to be 2 steps ahead of our competition.
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Current Greek student trying to make the most out of everything in life

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