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  • Nicole Mondragon
    New Jersey
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    Bio: Hola! I'm Nicole, your non-traditional pre-pt gal. I'm a yoga teacher, CrossFit trainer and FRC movement specialist. I'm excited to connect with yall!
  • Briana Drapp
    PA • INFJ
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    Bio: PTA and 1st year SPT at Pitt. Owner of PTA Elevation. Resident GPT (bedtime is 9pm). Love eating lots of food, picking up heavy things and cats 😃
  • Joses Ngugi
    • Online now
    Bio: I am a Physical Therapist: I help students get accepted into PT school, & make money while in school so that they can avoid thousands in school debt!
  • Greg Todd
    Indian Rocks Beach
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    Bio: Creator of the Smart Success Healthcare Community. Co-Owner of Smart Virtual Staff & Renewal Rehabilitation. Daddy to 4 kiddos. Husband to Mrs. Todd
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Delia Duran
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New Jersey

I serve individuals who have body insecurity and body shame and want to overcome it to live a healthier lifestyle. I am a personal trainer &DPTstudent

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