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What are you doing on January 15th?
We're hosting a free, in-person Shopify Meetup at StarBase Las Vegas, starting at 6:00 PM PST, and we'd love for you to join us. The theme? Beyond Black Friday: Creating Your Own Demand in the Off-Seasons Feeling that post-Black Friday stress? Starting to worry about how your store is going to make it through yet another off-season? At Merchant Mastery, we understand that building a successful Shopify store isn't just about capitalizing on big market-driven events like Black Friday. While those sales spikes are fantastic, they're just simply not enough to sustain your business throughout the year. That's why at the Shopify Meetup, I’ll teach you our proven strategy that goes beyond the typical e-commerce cycle. Our approach focuses on consistent growth, no matter the season. By implementing these strategies, you can expect to see steady growth throughout the year, ensuring a healthy cash flow and profit margins. But we don't stop there. I'll also teach you how to create your own demand during the off-seasons with quarterly promotional events. These events will not only boost your revenue but also prepare you for the big moments like Black Friday, where you can maximize your profits. Sounds great, right? If I can promise you one thing, it’s that if you decide to join us on January 15th, you will walk away with actionable strategies that will completely transform your business in 2024, no matter which stage you’re currently at. So don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from the best in the business and take your Shopify store to the next level. What do you say we start off Q1 strong? To secure your spot, click the link below today! Event Details: 📅 Date: January 15th 🕕 Time: Doors open at 6:00 PM PST 🏢 Location: StarBase Las Vegas 📍 Address: 3905 W Diablo Dr. 🎟 Ticket: Get your free ticket here
New comment Feb 15
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Hey @Josh Parker, not for this event! But we have some virtual events being launched this year so stay tuned!
Edgy Cat Designs, LLC
Hello, I am the creator of Edgy Cat Designs, LLC. I create cat-themed art prints and stationery based on my original artwork. I'd love to share experiences with others who are flying solo in this journey! Mary Domhan – Edgy Cat Designs
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@Mary Domhan Try now!
Something I’ve never shared publicly (and it’s free!)
As a merchant, you know how important Q4 is … Especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But relying too much on the holiday season is a dangerous wave to ride. You see, BFCM is such a big deal because we’ve let it become one. It’s not your products or your marketing that generates this extra demand … The entire market is trained to go hard for 4 days and buy everything that seems like a good deal. But that’s like playing an eCom video game with cheat codes on. And as someone who has worked in the space for over a decade … I can tell you that most successful Shopify stores don’t let market demand dictate their own success. They don’t spend their entire year banking on riding the wave of one holiday season. Successful stores know how to generate demand independent of what’s happening in the market to create multiple sales spikes, and not just during BFCM. Because if you let the market dictate how much demand you can generate, you’re always a sitting duck, ready to be pushed around … Which makes it impossible to grow predictably and escape the monthly revenue rollercoaster. That’s why we decided to do something really exciting: We will host our next free Shopify Meetup as a virtual event on December 5th, 1 PM MST / 3 PM ET … Where I’ll share something I’ve never shared with anyone outside my team. It’s what I call the Compounding Promo Phenomenon … And next Tuesday, I’ll show you how to use it to predictably generate demand to fast-track your sales growth … Without being dependent on the eCom gods to swing the pendulum in your favor.
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@Sherazad Jamal There will be! Also there is a training for MME members on the 7th that I recommend attending if you can. I will tag you on that post.
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@Cassie Shawcross Just messaged you!
And with that, the Black Friday Bootcamp has come to an end! 🎉
Catch the final BFCM Coaching Session replay now available! Whether you couldn't make it for the live experience or simply want to look back at it, we've got your back. Tap into the thrill once more by clicking HERE! 🎥 You can find the recording of all the BFCM Bootcamp sessions here. Here's to an epic holiday season for you all! Can't wait to read about your wins, so don't forget to share them here on Skool! ✨
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@Anisha Patel
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@Becky Hildebrandt
Getting to know your customer
Hey Everyone. I have had a hard time understanding how to connect with potential customers so I set up a market stall at a local event to understand what questions people were asking about my products. I found out that people assume all spices are spicy!!! Because I live a breathe my products and have grown up using and eating spices I assumed everyone knew what I knew. Silly huh? I'm going to build this learning into my site and my ads. So I would highly recommend this market stall approach to understanding customers. Cheap, easy and fun! I have booked more stalls over the coming months to keep learning. Love Anisha Pps if anyone from the US or Canada is interested in buying my products. Let me know. I want to trial shipping to these countries. Ppps if you have any further thoughts around how to market and consider selling spices to non-spicy people let me know xx
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Love that you got in front of your customers! This is our absolutely favourite because you get to hear direct feedback from customers and can then answer any of these questions throughout your offer stack!
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