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can I get an "I", "N", "V".....
#Video 3 What stood out to me the most was that this reminded me of a PSYCH episode where Shawn created a SEIZE method - i can't help my random associations - which made me even happier to watch this video. So, total transparency - "N" 90% of time need to be focusing on HOW to create more value - focusing time and ENERGY on how/can bring more value to the world - being more CREATIVE. My hardest one will be "I" - give give give - which means i need more CONTENT - which means I need to create - which means I have to take ACTION. I must implement and DO the THING. Can I just be honest and say I need to be held accountable for the whoooolllle INVINCIBLE acronym - self-confidence, time management. Yep - all of it. Thats why im here
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Dreaming to create $3mil
#Video 2 right now: making $125k, i should be living off of 37,000, which is impossible bc my rent is 2400/mo. Goal with this program - 1 year $750k 30 - 225k 40 - 300k 30 - 225k (i also have NYC and NYS tax - so even with being a PC taxed as an SCorp) - the extra taxes kill me. in 3 years - 3 million 30 - 900k. 40 - 1/2mil 30 - 900k. I also cannot grasp Numericy quickly - I shy away from stats and metrics and charts - but I need to face it. I realize that is a weakness of mine. I have no extra income to purchase a physical asset - so I will need to pour my life and heart into my digital asset - and I will tier it so there is at least 2 choices - masterclass $200 and course $2k. I would also like to mentor PTs who want to treat pedaitrics in pelvic health.. Next year - a mastermind retreat. - I can see the growth and creating a brand - THE CHIMENTO METHOD.
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@Alyssa Samuelson the more I say it, the more I'm like.... I AM it! The Chimento method for....
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@Jeanette Harris Thank you!!! I'm determined to make money my friend, partner in life instead of scared I'll have debt. I haven't had debt in 13 years!!!! Lol. But I need to do numbers bc I've been avoiding them and videos. Time to fave it
Dawn PelvicPT NYC
#Video 1 HI ALL! I am Dawn - I am a PT for 25 years. I was born and raised in NYC _ but spent 10 years in SWFL until my son turned 1 and I moved back to NY when he turned 1 in 2010. I am a single mom and I love doing all things outdoors - hiking, camping, beach, mountain climbing - i climbed 2 mountains with my kid and friends in the Adirondacks in August - it was insane and totally not planned! My passion is to create a legacy for my son and so I can enjoy "retirement" - i have had to work very hard with many many jobs to make ends meet, and I DON'T want to ever have to do that again. I got divorced while I was in FL and then through a chain of events that lasted 3 years - I had to go through a bankruptcy and Foreclosure (while he walked away debt free with an education I paid for). the idea of ANY debt still makes me tic, but its been long enough - I AM DONE! My PAIN is the trauma I went through - and I am dreaming BIG for the pleasure part. Right now, I see Ortho and Pelvic - adult and pediatric in my cash based clinic. I learned about money from my parents. Dad was an NYPD captain, Mom was a NYC public school teacher - city jobs, pension, vested, IRA accounts, got married in 2971 and bought a house for $31k (thats now valued at $850k, noone can afford houses in my neighborhood - especially not single parents). I was told to go to school, pay off all your bills and never have debt. I felt like I failed that with the bankruptcy and foreclosure. They are both retired with their pensions, retirement, social security and very comfortable. Right now, we're deciding on high schools and I want to be able to send him to a private HS - 10k a year - without blinking. SO my 168 vehicle HAS to happen. For BOTH our sakes!
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Dawn Chimento
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Mom to a teenager! Pelvic floor PT. Hiking and mountain climbing outdoors lover. And the beach too. Love helping others and seeing my own growth!

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