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Milestone Bell
Okay- it’s been a minute since I’ve posted- but I’ve been going thru the flagship program now for 6 months. It is just what I do now- and I’m still loving it! I had never used KBs for training, and coming off elbow surgery- I started small and humble at 16kg GU/20kg Swings. I’m now needing to buy my first 48kg bell to start working it in on my heavy swings!! 👀👀💪🏻💪🏻. I’ve been looking forward to this day - but now I’m left with a dilemma (a fun dilemma). WHAT 48KG BELL DO I BUY??? I want something special to commemorate the occasion- I have mostly all Rogue bells and a few Lifeline (Amazon) bells. So I thought I’d ask the community of big boys @Grant Anderson @Sean Griffin @Tom Kortegaard @Bas De ruyter @Rhys Evans @David Hall @Nathan Visser @Nate Dye @Jacob Nuesser - what should I get???
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Awesome! I’m favor consistency where possible so go for the Rogue, but maybe give the bell a shiny coat of gold spray paint to mark the occasion!
Training Log
I'm looking for consistency right now. I've started the Flagship program twice and each time only got mid-way through the second week before getting knocked of the wagon. I've used the Step Progression model in the past to level up my two hand swing and getups, and for now plan to go back to what I know works for me. While I work on consistency with my training frequency and consistent progress with the weights, I'm also going to work on consistency with the other factors as well: sleep, water, food, walking.
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Happy New Year everyone! Quick update… covid, laziness, and a broken toe. What a way to end the year and start a new one. My “bug” from Thanksgiving was Covid. I had the “flu-like” and “tastes/smells like cigarette smoke” symptoms. Overall, not too bad. This caused me to lose momentum though. In December I only performed a few sets of swings with my moderate kb, largely due to laziness. At the time I was thinking that (other than “today”) the new year is the best time to get started again… and then on the 30th I slid on the stairs at home and broke a toe! Based on experience with a different broken toe earlier in 2023, I plan to hold off kettlebells for two weeks or so, then start working on lighter weight swings and goblet squats and go from there. Getups will likely need to wait longer due to the extra pressure on the toes when standing from the lunge position. While it’s frustrating, I’m not disheartened. It’s a long road and I want to be smart about it.
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Thanks @Joe Zaga! You’re right, this is a good opportunity to spend time on other movements. My upper body definitely needs work, so I’ll work in the press and think of a few other movements. Pull-ups are a hard “no”, although that probably means it’s what I should be working on. 😂
What’s your fasting protocol, how often?
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The basic 16/8 for me, but occasionally find myself closer to 20/4. I’ve done a few OMADs unintentionally and felt great.
Flag Ship Program & Workout Journal
Taking a cue from a few other members, I will use this to report on and track my progress in the Four Week Flagship Program. Today is Week 1, Day 1 Kettlebell weight 15lbs - I only have a 15lbs bell, so I will go with what I have until I get my next weight size. Starter 3 Rounds Kettlebell Deadlift 5 Pushup Walkup 5/5 - These kicked my butt; I need to work on upper body strength. Goblet Squat 5 KB Deadbug 5/5 - I really enjoyed these. 2H Swings 10 x 10 - I need to work on my form and focus on my breathing. Getups 5 x 1/1 - I need to work on my form. It also didn't help that my puppies ran all over me like I was a jungle gym when I was on the ground. - I will probably spend a day breaking the Getup down into its parts. I'm left-handed, and sometimes my coordination is off, especially when I start on my right side, so I might have to start on my left side. - I found my coordination was better coming down than getting up. Finisher I love the press. Going from a GS to the press was smooth, like buttah! I hated the side planks, they kicked my butt, and I ended up skipping them, opting for a GS to Halo instead.
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Hey @James Neal! Great to hear about the progress you're making and your enthusiasm! Going for another round of the Flagship program with the new weights?
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Hey James! Great job on getting sessions in on days most others may take a pass… Great way to end the year and set up the start of a successful new year!
Training journal
Just my personal journal to save progress and me “showing up” to do the work 💪🏼 2023-07-07: Warm up Swings: 10x10 36K (EMOM) TGU: 5 x 1/1 32K (1 min rest)
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Hey @Tom Kortegaard! Great progress! Just another week or two before your 40kg and 36kg are your new standard... awesome! Over the past few months the "promise" of the Flagship Program has lured me in several times to no avail. There's just something about it that doesn't work for me right now. I've recently thought about going back to the proven step progression model that you're using. It's not flashy, it takes longer, but it works. ...and I'm so tempted to start a journal like yours too. The hesitation that's holding me back is likely the same reason I should do it.. we'll see!
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@Tom Kortegaard, great job on the comeback. Slow and steady but I'm seeing some progress! 💪
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