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Deepfake Video Scams Cost Canadians Over $270,000
Three Canadian men lost a combined $273,350 after being duped by deepfake videos featuring AI-generated clips of public figures endorsing a fraudulent cryptocurrency investment scheme. The Scam Unfolds Mohammad Haque encountered a social media video of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promoting crypto investments. Believing its legitimacy, Haque invested $880, thinking he had grown his wealth to $424,775, only to find his account empty—losing $165,610. Darrell Budnick saw a similar video and invested $95,262, only to realize he couldn’t withdraw any funds. “Right now I’m panicking. I have a heart condition that’s getting worse. It hurts. It’s scary. I thought I was secure, and now I’m not,” Budnick shared. Giovanni Pugliano was swindled after watching a YouTube video of Elon Musk endorsing crypto, resulting in a loss of $12,457. “I ended up putting in a lot more than I expected and all of a sudden, I was broke,” Pugliano said. Nationwide Impact: The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reported that investors across Canada lost $108.45 million to crypto-related scams in the first half of 2024 alone.
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Not at all diminishing the stories and this is truly the dark side of AI. but a prime minister saying you should invest in this cryptocurrency surely has to ring some bells? It will obviously get harder and harder to control and what makes it really tough is there is no one watching over this stuff.
To take a course, or to not take a course?
Good Morning Fellow AI-enabled Members. I'm open to different perspectives, so feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts. My educational background, both under- and post-graduate, was purely business-focused. I am not an IT specialist and, until recently, could not write code. Over the last two years, I've changed the trajectory of my work to GenAI Strategy and Implementation. Like many of you here, I'm an autodidact and started learning by watching videos, constantly reading, signing up for newsletters, and taking courses on various platforms. I'm considering taking a course from a reputable and accredited institution to add credibility to this new career trajectory. The course is not cheap but also not outrageously expensive. It will be a time commitment over ten weeks, though. What is your take on these certifications, considering that everything GenAI-related is new and moves incredibly fast at this moment in time? My main concern is still that level of credibility when I work with clients, instead of passing myself off as some 'subject matter expert' merely based on my immersion over the past two years. Let me know what you think.
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Might actually be a good post here? A list of actual courses? There is also the harvard cs50 course ( which has several different options, coursera has quite a few certs for cheap Anyway this was the article where I found a few of these ->
AI isn’t as scary as you think—Cohere CEO explains!
The fear of an AI takeover is a myth, says Cohere CEO Aidan Gomez. But why? 🤔 Cohere CEO Aidan Gomez reassures us that AI’s limitations stem from its dependency on human data and the natural boundaries of exponential growth. 👇👇👇 → AI is trained on human data, making it inherently limited by the quality and quantity of this data. → Exponential growth, a hallmark of AI development, cannot continue indefinitely due to physical and computational constraints. → Human oversight and intervention remain critical in AI development and deployment. → The concept of "exponential growth" often misleads the public into thinking AI can evolve without bounds. → AI's reliance on vast datasets introduces bottlenecks; insufficient or biased data can severely limit AI's capabilities. → The computational power required for advanced AI models faces practical limits, including energy consumption and hardware advancements. → Despite rapid advancements, AI models struggle to generalize beyond their training data, often failing in unfamiliar scenarios. → Ethical and regulatory frameworks are evolving to ensure AI serves humanity, preventing scenarios of unchecked AI autonomy. → The notion of an "AI takeover" overlooks the collaborative nature of AI, which requires continuous human input and guidance.
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While I agree with this mostly, at some near future we will be able to overcome most of these limitations. Datasets are a good example of this. We keep improving our data and therefor can improve the data that we give AI. Within that data also could come the ability to evolve just as we humans have with our own data. But I digress, it really is interesting to see the different "camps" and how they view what will happen when in actually we aren't in Dune and don't have prescience yet so lets keep going!
I built for you the Claude Power Prompter
You feed the 12 page doc, give it 1 instruction and it builds for you POWER prompts. Get it here, free for the community, plus other free resources:
New comment Mar 18
I built for you the Claude Power Prompter
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This was great thank you
Goodmorning, AI is backstabbing the Internet.
Here are 3 things you need to know because in the next 2 years we have a BIG "AI problem". I've noticed a WORRYING phenomenon in the last months, and my friend @AIandDesign confirmed it. After checking some data, it's quite clear: --- 1. The "Internet waters" are getting POLLUTED. Have you noticed how many AI tools for "article generation" are available? No, you didn't. I did: 264. What does this mean, Alex? That people are pumping the Internet full of low-effort, robotic, ChatGPT 3.5 API-based "articles". To win SEO ranking. And it works. At the cost of p*ssing in the water that we all drink. Google Search is not able to cope with this volume and they know it. They are trying to ban and de-rank AI-generated stuff. Why they are FAILING: --- 2. AI detectors do NOT work. I tried multiple ones, 34 times. They do NOT pick up up Midjourney-generated images. They do not properly recognize ChatGPT-generated text. Or to better say it: their success ratio is around 50%. Which is BAD. It's a coin flip. Do you trust coin flips? I don't. If you found the AI detector tool that WORKS, I'll pay $50/month for the subscription. Send it to me in the DMs. But you don't have it, and I can't build it because the AI is too good. Claude 3 and Gemini are exceptional at mimicking "human voice". NOT human intelligence. Hence the issue with all these thousands of articles being pumped daily. They are something I call "token fluff", good sounding words that are EMPTY. --- 3. The REAL issue LAZY humans + AI. To quote my friend Marco @AIandDesign: The "dark side" (of AI) is the fact that you can be lazy and just "push the button" and get output. A lot of people are watching the folks who put a lot of time, effort and thought into their work with AI thinking: "Hah! I can do this too. Easy money!" Which is now starting to cause a problem: We are being flooded with "AI slop". Low-effort content produced by millions and millions of people. It's starting to saturate social media and e-commerce, making it harder and harder to get to the good stuff.
New comment Mar 12
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As always the key is generating content that people will find useful or benefit from. The 900 sites that Google punished were done with Manual reviews (people visited the site and determined it was bad). It has not figured out how to detect AI only how to detect people who have said they used AI to create hundreds of bad articles to drive traffic. So don't spam with crappy AI generated articles that haven't been reviewed by a human and you will be fine.
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