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  • Espen Tolfsby
    • Active 2d ago
    Bio: 23 years old ex-military going remote. Helping people make the right decisions
  • Sander Jonk
    • Active 4d ago
    Bio: A 22 year old entrepreneurial software engineer from the Netherlands.
  • Mikhail Andreev
    • Active 4d ago
    Bio: Thanks for being here! I'm the CTO of Twitvid. Come to me with issues or suggestions 🫶
  • Mathias Menelik
    • Active 4d ago
    Bio: 20 years old - Sales, E-learning and Music. Here to evolve and connect.
  • Maurice Tjan
    • Active 5d ago
    Bio: Hi my name is Maurice Tjan, currently studying International business. On the side I will start my journey to become an entrepreneur.
  • Nathan Dekker
    The Netherlands
    • Active 18d ago
    Bio: 27 yo, part-time freelance photo- and videographer. Living in the Netherlands with my girlfriend and son. Looking for location &financial independence
  • Talon Smith
    Sydney, Australia • ENFP
    • Active 2d ago
    Bio: Designer, Creative Technologist Musician, and lover of all good things Business: Graphic Design, Web and XR development
  • Charles B
    • Active 8d ago
    Bio: Discord Community Curation, RSC Coach, Red Bull.
  • Chris Stolz
    • Active 5m ago
    Bio: /
  • Deti Nadya Rahma
    Indonesia • INFJ
    • Active 6d ago
    Bio: Certified Virtual Assistant, ready to assist you in lead generation and general administrative tasks. Say hello to a more efficient workday with me!
  • Melanie Duncan
    • Active 4d ago
    Bio: I am a data engineer with a passion for starting an own business. Interested in cloud computing, SaaS, personal skills, connecting and having fun.
  • Avery Chauhan
    • Active 59d ago
    Bio: 23 • record label owner
  • Fenno Wildeman
    Lunteren, Netherlands • ESFJ
    • Active 51d ago
    Bio: -
  • Karlis Adamsons
    • Active 12h ago
    Bio: love building some dope stuff online:) & Mind+ I also geek out on biohacking haha
  • Nadirah Pikart
    • Active 61d ago
    Bio: I work in marketing. And I love photography, insta and a espresso martini!
  • Koen Van der Gaag
    • Active 13d ago
    Bio: A young entrepreneur and clothingbrand owner thats still in school. Trying to connect with like-minded individuals and people I can learn from.
  • Seb Maarse
    • Active 4d ago
    Bio: Love to build stuff
  • Chichi Zhang
    • Active 40d ago
    Bio: hi
  • Beau Oeldrich
    • Active 22h ago
    Bio: .yo
  • Ricardo Versluis
    • Active 10d ago
    Bio: never a failure always a lesson
  • Juul van den Boogaard
    • Active 19d ago
    Bio: I’m a cognitive psychologist with large interest in human behavior and processing. Furthermore, I’m interested in data,(UX) design and photography :)
  • Oliver Thomson
    Australia/New Zealand
    • Active 11d ago
    Bio: Entrepreneur pushing to better me and achieve goals. Cars, watches, and traveling are my passions. Constantly seek new experiences to enrich my life.
  • Gaetano Berkhoff
    • Active 34d ago
    Bio: Connecting the dots, trading the Forex markets and installing security systems for every group. Feel free to ask, @gaetanowiz is my insta check it.
  • Amir Hoss
    • Active 25d ago
    Bio: -
  • Beau-Louise Mesrits
    Amsterdam • ENFJ
    • Active 53d ago
    Bio: I’ve a huge passion for events and an even bigger one for planning them.✨
  • Sven Corstjens
    • Active 65d ago
    Bio: .
  • Sterre van Campen
    • Active 2d ago
    Bio: A 22 year old that is still figuring everything out. Based in Amsterdam
  • Vincent Yaldoo
    • Active 45d ago
    Bio: going to the top
  • June Hoogerwerf
    • Active 7d ago
    Bio: Still at school but love to create, learn new things and travel the world
  • Thijs van der Linden
    • Active 57d ago
    Bio: Updated later...
Daniel Dalen

A 16-year-old 说中文的 dropout, raised in China and Europe, founding several businesses built with scarce resources wearing multiple hats.

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