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IIS - Module 2, Video 2
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Looking to provide financial education for new grad PTs. I 1. Dave Ramsey - He has a podcast, several books and a website with online courses and tools to help people gain financial freedom. His approach is very aggressive for those wanting to get out of debt (eat only rice and beans, etc.). 2. Suze Orman - She has a podcast, written several books and has similar online resources like Dave Ramsey has on her website. She used to have a television show that is no longer airing. From what I've gathered, she doesn't necessarily have a niche but can certainly appeal to other women who would like to pursue their financial goals. 3. Robert Kiyosaki - He is the author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series. Like the others, he has written several books that have derived off his Rich Dad Poor Dad book. He also has a website and podcast. In addition to this, he sells a board game that educates on investing and asset management. 4. Joseph Reinke - He is the creator of Fitbux. He offers online courses targeted toward young professionals as well as various online tools to help people educate themselves on finance. He provides offers to help people organize their student loans and pay them off in the most fiscally responsible way possible. This guy is basically doing exactly what I was trying to do, so I'm having a hard time distinguishing myself from his services. 5. David Bach - He is another successful financial author and personality who coined the "latte factor." His approach focuses on making small changes to your daily habits that will turn into large savings in the future. Like all the other professionals listed, he has a podcast and offers courses to help people take control of their finances.
IIS - Module 2, Video 1
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My avatar is James, a 26 year old male who is single and lives in Texas. He graduated from PT school about a year ago and is making around $80,000 per year. He works out at his local gym on a regular basis and spends his weekends hanging out with friends at local breweries and different restaurants in his area. He is mostly active on Instagram and YouTube and researches various fitness trends and meal prep ideas. He watches all the commonly popular shows on Netflix and regularly spends time watching sporting events of his favorite teams. He attempts to make a little extra money either through his fantasy league teams or placing small bets on championship games. He is making enough money to get by but is wanting to learn how to make more money through investments. He has tried learning on his own and has seen tons of advice on social media, but he is overwhelmed all this information and has no idea what he should do.
Module 1 Videos 1-3
I apologize for being late to actually commenting on the Module 1 videos. I've listened to each video several times but have just now had the time to write out my homework for each video below. Video 1: My name is Tyler and I’m a home health physical therapist. I joined the invincible system because I’ve hit the ceiling with my career and I’m wanting to get out of the hamster wheel lifestyle. I was never really taught much about money or investing. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a middle class family and was naturally frugal as a kid until I ended up with untreated depression throughout my 20s. Consequently, I developed poor coping strategies and money habits due to my poor mindset. I’m going to use this program to go past the middle class mindset and achieve getting uncomfortable to accomplish my goals of developing a 168=vehicle dedicated to driving me to financial freedom. Video 2: Based off the 30/40/30 rule, my ideal number for right now would be $250,000. Going ahead 2-3 years down the road, I intend to increase that number to at least $400,000. The path I initially intend to take to achieve this is through an online course which can lead to additional courses derived off the material offered in my original course. One of my main takeaways from video 2 is how much of my income is taken out due to taxes. It motivates me to learn how to use the legal loopholes in my favor. Video 3: The material that stuck out to me in video 3 are also what is most likely to be my biggest struggles. Networking is going to be difficult for me to do on a regular basis as I am an introvert and have a hard time getting out of my comfort zone. Increasing my learning capacity is also going to be difficult for me as I knowingly have a fear of failing and getting stuck in analysis paralysis. However, I know these are crucial for success with this program and am willing to do what it takes to become successful in building my 168-vehicle.
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Tyler Willett
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I'm a physical therapist who is looking for ways to make passive income while serving others.

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