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New here!
Hello everyone! My name is Sandra and I design and create jewelry. My passion over the last twenty plus years was teaching mathematics to middle school students but that came to an end when I retired in June 2023. Since then, I dove off the deep end of jewelry making and selling. I look forward to a lot of learning in this new community. My website is
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Welcome Sandra! Looking forward to seeing your growth, so exciting!
I don’t know if you heard the news already…
But last week, I announced a free workshop on my go-to strategy for running demand-driving product launches to generate more sales without dipping into your profit margins. And I might be sticking out my neck here… But I’m pretty sure that launching a product to drive more sales has crossed your mind at some point. You may have even gone a step further and done a little digging into what type of product would make the most sense for you. But no matter how much research you did… It wasn’t enough to silence the little voice in the back of your head that keeps asking… "What if there aren’t enough people out there who are interested in this?" Because if we’re being honest… What’s worse than devaluing your brand by putting your products on sale all the time… Is launching a product nobody is interested in… Which FORCES you to put it on sale just to bring your cashflow back to the level it used to be. So if that sounds familiar… I wouldn’t just suggest joining our free workshop this Thursday – I would almost prescribe it! Because next week, I’ll give away our proven methodology to create product launches that not only drive a massive sales spike for your store… If you follow it to the T, you might even sell out during your pre-launch phase. Grab your free ticket here
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Cant wait🔥
Auto Parts Shopify Store Owner in FL
Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I'm Josh Parker, owner/operator of Parker Performance in Florida. We're a small automotive performance shop, solely focused on the Ford Mustang platform, and a few of it's brothers, sisters (Focus, Explorer, F150). We did a little over $1MM in gross revenues in 2023, yet are still struggling with profitability. We've built this from scratch on my own funding, with no partners/backing, and all while spending $0.00 on paid advertisements (PPC/SEO) to date. We do have a payroll heavy staff, as I carry two team members for social media marketing / video content creation / etc. which would certainly qualify as spending money on marketing, though! I'm really looking forward to increasing my learning, my lid, and being able to continue towards our goal of $1MM/month in gross sales!
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Welcome Josh!! I'm excited to see your growth!
Start Here! 
Hello! Welcome to our Merchant Mastery Skool community. The goal of this Skool is to help Shopify Store Owners scale their online stores with proven strategies. Start by checking out these links - Classroom - Replay Vault - Work with Merchant Mastery To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your Name 2. Your business and who you sell to 3. What you are currently focused on for your store! See you in the community!
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@Christine Hickling Welcome Christine!
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@Pukhraj Ranjan Welcome!
I'm kind of remembering that there was talk during the BFCM course of a free calendar for help with Klaviyo emails throughout the year. I haven't been here since I started our BFCM work and I'm wondering if someone can help me find this calendar? Or is my memory off? 🙄
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It should be under the training video in the classroom!
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Also, you'll have to make sure youre in the MME Skool group!
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