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I originally recorded this question for Brad, however, after reflecting on it for a moment I thought this might be a good discussion piece for the group. Definity want to hear Brad and the rest if the Genie Rocket team's thoughts, but I'm betting there are some BAM community members that have some good insight on this as well. Please take 3 minutes to watch the video and share your thoughts. Thank you in advance!



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    At our 2 DRIPBaR Locations in Orlando and Melbourne, there are many clients that assume 'Tips' are customary. Yes, we are providing a service but we will not accept tips....instead, we let the client know that the best tip they can give us is a great review and refer us to their friends and family. They are typically surprised by our response but given they were willing to give a tip, they are very happy to give us a great review!! As part of our normal business follow up with each client, we will ask how they are doing - they seem to like the personal touch - and if they go as far as to express how good they are feeling - we will then make sure to ask for a review and referral.

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My wife, Hollie, and I own 2 locations of The DRIPBaR in central Florida. Our 2 boys keep us busy but when time permits, I love to play golf.

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