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Imagine making a calendar event only accessible to members at level 6. Is this something you want?



Frank Gyz
Fredu Sirviö
Sean Kochel
Ed Andrew
Oyvind Martinsen
New comment 4h ago

I want to know.



Jose Castro
Ryan Mathews
Rose Altares
Bhargav Bhardwaj
Preston Neubert
New comment 17h ago

I want to know.



Onur Degirmenci
Ryan Mathews
Michael Dunlevy
Raj R
Andra Annette
New comment 18h ago

We think "Courses" is more intuitive. What do you think?



Joe Moss
Cameron X
Jørn Bräuner
Martine Sorthe
Earnie Boyd
New comment 18h ago

IM PUTTING THIS OUT AS AN ACCOUNTABILITY POST! MARK MY WORDS ON THIS.. We will make $500K/mo in the next 3-6 months or less with Skool ONLY.. At the moment we're doing $600K-$700K/mo with AppointmentSetterCom using IG/FB only but it's a total mess.. Everything is scattered among different platforms with our marketing strategies. Me and my lady who is also my business partner in this company are going to do 2 cool things over the next 7-14 days. We're going to build two low ticket courses, one for our B2C and one for our B2B. Here are my goals that I KNOW we will achieve in the next 3-6 months or less. 1. Make $500K/mo with our low ticket offer strategy for our B2C & B2B ON SKOOL ONLY.. 2. Make $10K/mo as a Skool Affiliate as we move fully onto the platform for marketing now too I'm already invested multi 6 figures into Skool and my next step is to also now truly use it as marketing platform for our companies because it fits so perfectly into what we're already doing. In the past we've already achieved these figures but then we used a Facebook Group where our DMs would go to spam, the course was on another platform and it was all scattered.. Now on Skool you'd land in primary, your emails land in primary, you can DM people WHILE they watch the course.. So we're now going to be building our LTOs and launch in the next 1-2 weeks. I'm grateful to be a part of this community and I'll be breaking down A to Z how we'll have achieved this goal once we've hit it in this community and using Skool ONLY. For now, this is just a post to hold myself accountable and use it as a future case study too for people who are on the fence of using Skool. Let's GO!



David Sekera
Bas Slot
Courtne Marland
Charlie Morgan
Kos Timos
New comment 2d ago
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    this is exactly what we did mate :) happy to hop on a call if you want our playbook for the big transition. (we called it facebook exodus lol)

I don't remember changing any settings but somehow I can't see discussions for any of my course modules... I thought for sure it was right here. 🤔



Dan Collins
Ted Carr
Jamie Stenhouse
Peter Lupo
Dima Ermakov
New comment 3d ago

It’s true! See attached our cash collected in Stripe in the last 90 days! When Skool was first released I thought ‘here goes another shiny object’. Boy was I wrong. In the first month of transitioning to Skool, our cash collected doubled. No joke. We went from $250,000/mo to $500,000. All with one decision to move over to this beautiful place. I was super reluctant to make the shift in the beginning. We were integrated with what I'm gonna call “the devils’ trifecta” - a FB group, a scattered calendar, and kajabi. The thing is, “the devils’ trifecta” did work for us. It worked. But it created a negative client experience. Truth is we got lazy with it. We were using a platform and model that we knew was sub-par for clients just because it was gonna be painful to move to skool and it was ‘how we’d always done it’. Within 30 days of shifting to Skool, we took our cash collected to $500k/mo - a new height for us. And the cool part? It hasn’t dipped below that. We’ve kept this consistent, and May is due to be our best month yet (projecting $600k). By the end of the year we’ll be at 8 figures. Bold claim, but thanks to Skool we can make better product decisions and create more value as a company - allowing us to charge more, keep clients retained + garner more love from the market. How did Skool improve our product, cash collected & company? 1. Better offer Skool has given us the confidence in our product to have an insane offer. Before we guaranteed a ROI or your money back. Now, we guarantee 20 high ticket coaching, consulting or agency clients, or a full refund + a $5,000 wire! Madness. It’s much easier to get clients. Better product = better offer = easier acquisition. Simple. 2. More coaching calls Our previous product had the standard 2x coaching calls per week. These were run by my business partner and I, and they’d fill up, run over & questions wouldn’t be answered properly due to the sheer volume. Now, Skool allows us to host more calls. Due to the easy calendar feature, we run 15 decentralised coaching calls per week (run by community members), all on specific topics instead of general Q&A.



Neil Shah
Mitch Gonsalves
Lucia Sandaal
Christian Koziol
Jeffrey Rose
New comment 4d ago

hi guys :) any chance we can remove the + more feature and just list out the calls? there's room for another 2-3. that possible?



Hey Skoolers hope you guys are good. We noticed the discussion feature was removed. This was pretty integral to our community, especially with things like offer audits, intros etc. Clients said it made them feel more involved with the community as they could read opinions of others relevant to the modules in question and feel less isolated when consuming content. I believe this should be something that is in our power to decide as leaders of our own communities. We should be empowered to decide whether or not we want this feature on, as each community has its own needs. In some instances for some communities, the feature is problematic, weird and non-intuitive. For others (in our case) the feature added a lot of value and kept our engagement and client conviction high. It should be up to us to decide. Hope this feedback helps fuel the decision to bring it back.



Baudouin Borghans
Jeff and Jess Bangshow
Heinz Koop
Arthur Whitehead
Corson Searles
New comment Apr 15

Hey guys, how come I can't see my clients progress in the course any more? We used this daily to track clients progress, direct them to specific modules & deal with any refund requests to provide evidence that they didn't 'do the work' (albeit rarely).



Sam Ovens
Chris Lawson
New comment Apr 5

@Nick Guadagnoli keeps Skool’s operations running smoothly. Help him celebrate!



Quazi Johir
John Frandano
James Gibson Sr
Matthias Dörtzbach
Sarah Watson
New comment Mar 9

Hi, is anyone else having this issue?? I've got dozens of clients saying the vids keep stalling and buffering even though internet is fine, caches are cleared etc. we're using wistia. In wistia the vids load just fine. I really need a fix for this ASAP as it's harming our client experience - any ideas / has anyone fixed this?



Clay Lawrence
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Charlie Morgan
New comment Feb 27
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe thanks mate. is no one else facing this as an issue?

I appears Skool members are spamming my group members via Skool. Message attached. Please advise, this is not good...



Kristin Boyd
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Charlie Morgan
Sam Ovens
Patrick Lalonde
New comment Feb 27
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    this is gonna happen mate. skool is a social platform with easily targettable niche aggregates. clients shouldn't blame you for this!

hi there, we keep having a problem whereby clients can't properly view certain videos. the videos just stop and start and don't let them go beyond certain timestamps. seems to be happening on specific videos, perhaps 1/50 clients have this issue. has anyone fixed this before? we upload with Wistia. not all the vids are a problem. clearing cache, new browser etc, doesn't work.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Philipp Rauscher
Charlie Morgan
New comment Feb 14
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe i thought it might be wistia but it sounds like a skool issue. want me to send the links too?

hey @Sam Ovens any chance of a @everyone feature for comments? was our best tool for announcements in facebook groups :)



Ted Carr
Charlie Morgan
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Varun Teja
New comment Feb 13
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    @Ted Carr yep in most cases but if it's used properly its not

Hey guys, Is there a way to tag your whole community for announcement on posts. Love the "email everyone" feature also 🙏



Ted Carr
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Charlie Morgan
Stuart Clifford
New comment Feb 9
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe so every admin post notifies everyone?

hi, is this legit? looks a little shady?



Riyansh Shah
Mitch Wilder
New comment Feb 9

hey have a bug to report: sometimes (rarely) (1/10) when trying to upload a file to an existing video or another video, skool will think im trying to edit an existing file instead of uploading a new one, prompting me to change the label of the existing video. @Sid Sahasrabuddhe



Nick Guadagnoli
Charlie Morgan
Amrit Shinh
New comment Jan 3
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    @Nick Guadagnoli unfortunately not as it's so temperamental, happens really infrequently. basically sometimes it thinks the new resource i'm uploading is to rename the last one i uploaded and named

hi guys is it possible to upload course content from google drive to skool, instead of using wistia or similar? we have roughly 150 vids to upload and they're all in drive ready to go



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment Jan 2

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