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Made it to the rink yesterday! (Story turned question.)
It was pushing 2 months not making it to the rink. Sunday it’s 1-5pm. We got there at 1, place was empty, and I love it that way! Around 2-3pm the birthday parties, and all the pipers (that’s what I call the pvc things the kids use!) Normally we would leave, I couldn’t. Stayed till 5pm. I miss it. Also only the second time getting these Riedells on the floor. Man they are so day and night to the Sure Grip Fame. When I first get out on the floor, the Riedells feel as if they are controlling my feet, instead of me controlling my skates! They feel like they just go wherever by themselves! And I know it’s not just me. My wife has the same setup, was also her second time on hers, and she’s came and told me the same thing, both times! After maybe 30 minutes to an hour we get somewhat “comfortable” But for me, it’s already done messed me up mentally from trying to do anything I’ve learned, or worked on at the tennis court😒 So there’s the story, now the question… WHAT IS IT?! Is it our balance, muscle memory, or what? TIA Riedell 120 boot Reactor neo plate Bones 57mm/101a
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I suspect the issue you are both having is from the difference in plates. Have tried playing with the truck action? It's possible they may be too loose for your liking if you feel like they're a bit too squirrelly. Try tightening the trucks a few clicks at a time until you find an action that is more suitable for you. If they're already cranked down pretty far and they're still to squirrelly for your liking, you might want to try harder cushions.
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@Damien Tomlinson Glad that worked for you! Hope you enjoy your new skates 😄
Hybrid Wheels
I’ve been hearing about hybrid wheels. What exactly is a hybrid wheel? Does anyone here skate on them? If so, what are your likes/dislikes?
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Hybrid wheels typically refer to the hardness (usually in the 80a-89a range). A lot of people use them when they switch between indoor and outdoor skating and don't want to change wheels. They are typically not very great for either. Indoors they are too soft, outdoor they are too hard. In general, you'll have a better time using specific wheels for outdoor vs. indoor skating.
Checking in👋
Lately I’ve had a question about your skate preference. What’s better or what works for you? stiff boot or soft?
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I have a pair of Jack 2s and a pair of 172s. I like them both for different reasons! The Jack 2s are very supportive and I love to wear these when I feel like skating hard. The supportiveness of the boot makes edgework, transitions, and skating fast feel stable and I can skate more confidently. I love the 172s for a chill session. Since it's worn loose, there's a lot more ankle mobility and it's fun to play around with footwork. I like these more for a chill dance skate session.
Move of The Week 1
Wash & Dry is what we call this one since it reminds me of a different move it resembles I heard referred to as "washing machine". There progressions and regressions to this as with all of our skills that I could further break down and I wanted this clip to fit in IG reels so drop a comment if you want a full video on all the variations
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Move of The Week 1
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Gonna practice this one tonight! 💪
For the intermediate skaters, what do you wish you had known or started out doing when you were a beginner?
I wish I’d learned groundwork right off the bat for strengthening and stretching. Weight distribution and edges are also something that are so foundational and didn’t come online until recently. And lastly, how to use my arms!
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@Chelsea Marin @Jennifer Weldon depends on your budget and what you’re lookin for! What do you have now and what are you looking to get out of your new setup?
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@Jennifer Weldon Riedell 220s might be a good next step for you if you want a more supportive boot without going too crazy. The 336 boot is a fair amount more supportive and 3200 if you want a boot that doesn’t budge (it’s VERY STIFF). For plates, the Reactor Pro is a great move if you like your fuse plates but want something more responsive. The Arius plate is Riedell’s top of the line plate. Roll Line also makes top notch plates too! The Variant C is great if you want a great plate but don’t wanna break the bank. The Dance plate is also a popular option if you wanna be more spendy. Keep in mind that Roll Line uses 7mm axels so you would need 7mm bearings. Once you get to the more higher end plates, I don’t think you could really go wrong with any option so ask around and see what people are riding and why they like it~
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