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Technical Assessment
So obviously dissapointed by the score, but great to have a roadmap on areas to improve. In a real-life scenario I think my UI enrgineering skills are higer but the theoretical knowelde is probably missing .
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Technical Assessment
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@Daniel Malmgren de Oliveira that last part sucks, that's for sure. But it will make you skill up too, I guess. I didn't know about Smashing Magazine - I will take a look, thanks for the tip. I'm sure that backend will be great to also make you think differently! Feel free to share resources or tips you ahve along the way. I am personally looking at Design Patterns and DSA just to get back on the horse, so I was curious at what you were focusing on right now. (Really enjoying this one from Jay Wengrow)
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@Daniel Malmgren de Oliveira really enjoyed this video from B & D :)
NodeJS project to impress
Hi, I have started learning node to get into fullstack and widen my opportunities even further in the future. What does this fantastic community think would be a good portfolio project to do which would make employers take notice of it? A simple todo app won’t cut it. Love to hear your ideas!
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Whatever you do, even if it's supposed to be more focused on the backend, remember to make it look good 😅 For inspiration - In my bootcamp we did an app called "Save my date" playing around with zomato's API and the Geolocation API. You could plan a "date" and choose the restaurants around you with zomato, we could also play a bit with maps (not sure if we used google maps or another one), and choose the person to invite and send them a confirmation email. It was fun and showed different skills. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
Book club idea
After watching D and B's 5 Must-Read Books for JavaScript Developers in 2024 I have decided that I want to read some of these books (specifically "Extreme programming" and "Browser networking). Last year while between jobs I hosted a weekly book club for developers where we went over "Advanced React" and "Responsible JavaScript" and I got a lot of value out of discussing these books chapter by chapter with fellow industry professionals. I was thinking that having a book club meetup with members of Software Mastery/The Senior Dev Academy would be great since it's safe to say a lot of us are on the same page. We could read through the books one chapter per week and spend an hour discussing and clarifying the concepts. However, I am in Australia and 8 hours ahead of you in time so realistically the sessions would have to be anytime between 9am-1pm your time for me to be able to make them consistently. At this stage I am putting this here as an expression of interest, I would very much like to go through these books with some of you and I would like to be more involved in this community. Please let me know if you're interested here and in the coming weeks we can decide on a book and put together a time.
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Book club idea
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I like this! :) Let me know how it progresses. I'm UTC+0. 🙂
Goal Setting - 90, 1 and 3 years goal setting
After being in the communiity for a while, I saw that I hadn't been through the goal setting stage in the Classroom. It was nice to write down at least partially what I aim to reach for myself. 3 Years From Now I’m a Senior Developer, leading a team remotely, while still programming. I’ve become proficient in my chosen tech stack, which includdes React. I’m mentoring and I am active in the Women in Tech community. I am either working 4 days a week, or part-time, or with flexibility to pick up my kids and have a healthy work/life routine. On the money side, I’m earning €80,000 (almost double of June/2024). I am teaching and mentoring. I interview for the challenges and I am not afraid of interviewing anymore and I work somewhere I enjoy and where I feel valued. I work at a remote-first company with people I enjoy, with benefits and bonuses. 1 Year From Now My company’s merger is finished and I am ready to start interviewing and back to the market. I used this time well and I have learned a lot, being able to work as a Salesforce Developer (Full stack) now, even though I still mainly work as frontend. I am becoming more confident in React so I can go back to the market and search for a better job, looking for a € 45,000 - € 60,000 offer. 90 Days From Now I passed the PD1 exam certification for Salesforce, becoming a full stack Developer (on paper at least). I feel more at ease with the upcoming merger. The certification (and mentoring) has taught me a lot about testing and generally working as fullstack. I re-took the Assessment for Software Mastery and my percentages went up. I feel ready to start focusing my efforts into going Senior level, hopefully with Software Mastery, but if not somehow. I have some interviews to be able to negociate a salary increase.
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@Daniel Malmgren de Oliveira Obrigada! Just do it, it's going to give you some positive vibes :)
👋 Hi, my name is Nick. I am a Senior Front-end Developer based in North Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. I work mostly with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and CSS (Tailwind), but since I was made redundant in January I have been trying to embrace a more full stack approach and have built a couple of applications end to end. I am here to gain more confidence in my own abilities as I absolutely suck at technical interviews, which in the past 5 months has been a lot. I am a very open person and always willing to learn at every opportunity.
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Welcome @Nick Toye hope the community helps you overcoming this not so good phase. Let us know if you need anything !
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@Nick Toye How's it going so far Nick?
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