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Hier lernst du, wie man sich eine Community (ohne große Reichweite) aufbaut.

Kundenakquise (Online)

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In dieser Community geht es darum, sich mit Worten zuerst in das Herz und dann in den Geldbeutel der möglichen Kunden zu schießen.

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If you create a Community (please note this)
Friends, I have a very valuable experience for you that someone in my own community shared. I have already created over 10 communities myself and it is really the best tip if you are just starting a community and have not had a community before. Start with the right people! First start with 10 to 15 people who should contact you before entering the community. Then please check whether these people are people who... - are full of passion for your community topic - enjoy writing texts - currently have time for it Example If you set up a community for amateur boxers, your chances are worse than with a community for online marketers. Not because of the time, but because of the willingness to text. Skool is a platform that is predominantly about texts. Check this with the first 10 members - they set the foundation of the interaction. I wish you much success with it Calvin
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@Kwesi Johnson Only if you work with a Optinpage for the registration
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@Dev Rigby What do you mean? The Categories are just filters for the topics. I dont think they are important. In most of my communities i have just 2 or 3 categories
The Name of your community (important)
Today I would like to share with you a valuable experience. The name of your community! In my experience, if the name of the community conveys what the community is about, you will automatically get more member requests via the discovery page. Many people still use cool names that sound great and have a certain style. After creating more than 8 communities, I now only choose simple names. You have around 24 characters available. If you run out of ideas, tell Chat GPT what you want to achieve with the community and ask for suggestions for names. It's a simple tip, but very crucial. Greetings Calvin
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@Roland Forster Why you dont call it: Men-Brotherhood? :-)
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@Roland Forster There is not 1 'Community in the top #1000 Communities with this name. This is what i mean: YOU wanted to pick.....:-) Do you understand?
Ist everything ok with me? 😂
Friends, I just founded my eighth (5 paid) community. Is everything OK with me? :-)
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@Jasper Hallamore I guess so 😂🙈
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@Brenzen Zettl In the meantime i have 9 :-)
🔝 Engagement Analysis of Three Communities (#2, #10 and #32)
I looked at the #2, #10 and #32 ranked communities over the weekend and made the graphs below. From the three comparison graphs (number of posts, number of post likes and number of post comments) I noticed the following (mostly obvious) patterns: - More posts + comments + likes = higher discovery page ranking - Some communities (positivity/motivations/etc.) have more likes than comments where the community with a younger audience or professional theme had more comments. We would need to look at more communities to confirm - Top move up the ranks from 32 to 10 and 10 to 2 required 10x multiples engagement. You roughly need to 10x your posts, comments and likes to move from 32 to 10 or 10 to 2. I also looked at each community in isolation as well (first figure). I especially like the graph showing each contributors first, last and total post count. You can identify your frequent contributors (and if they have disappeared and need encouragement to come back). Disclaimer - there's about a 5% data gap, I did not review the likes of comments on posts, this is just a snap shot and doesn't take into account total engagement on a daily basis (other than post count). This could be done (just not retroactively by me). I'm thinking about putting together a Community Analysis Report. Is this something you would pay for? Is this something Skool team should build into a premium plan? 😉 DM me if you would like me to prepare an engagement analysis for your community.
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Thanks for your work
Feb 01 - 34.6000 Members - Road to 100K (What do you think)
Guys, what do you think when Skool will make the 100k Members here? Whats your guess? :-) I belive in Skool 🤘🏼
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@Jamie Ogilvy No wayyyy
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Ich erstelle und betreue Communitys auf Skool. DAS ist mein Business 🙌🏼

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