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How To Get Your 1st High-Ticket Client (Call Recording)
We covered how to get 100 members in your group in 14 days, so you can get your first high-ticket client. Watch here: Google Doc: Enjoy!
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How To Get Your 1st High-Ticket Client (Call Recording)
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@Andrew Kirby Will you offer access to the creator monetisation course to those who watch the recordings? I’ve not been able to make the live calls :(
🛖 How to find your Tribe as a Creator
I just finished Film Booth's Avatar Workshop and Arlin Moore's Tribe Accelerator here is what I learned: There are 3 types of creators: 80% type 1: Just makes videos that he likes and wonders why he is not getting any views 15% type 2: Asks his audience about what they want to watch, he is getting decent views, but nothing extra 5% type 3: He makes videos to a specific avatar, the creator knows better what the viewer wants than them, and the viewer feels as if every video was made just for him and thinks that the creator can read his mind. Note: If you want to join the 5% you have to have a specific avatar that you will create content for! Do you need an avatar if you make videos for your younger self and you are solving your problems? the answer is yes because you still have to specify your younger self, and maybe you want to focus only on a part of your younger self. So to answer the title, to build a tribe/community you have to build your viewer avatar, if you have one you will attract a type of people to your channel. You just have to ask would Jake (or insert your viewer avatar name) love this video? You have to keep in mind your viewer avatar every time you make your thumbnails, edit the videos, choose the titles, make inside jokes, build a product, etc. it's the foundation of everything. yesterday I talked with Jamie, and we worked on a thumbnail, and the question that came up, is that would your avatar click on it? Does he feels any emotions when he looks at the Tiktok Demon on the thumbnail, does he even loves cartoons? would it give him a nostalgic feeling and makes him curious? If the answer is yes, then the thumbnail is great, and the viewer will unreasonably feel that he has to click on the video. but if his viewer avatar hasn't read comics but only reads books and watches films, then the viewer won't feel the same connection, maybe he would click, but never would vibe with you and become a superfan
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🛖 How to find your Tribe as a Creator
2 likes • Jun '22
Thanks for sharing this. I certainly need to take some time to define my avatar.
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@Aio A. Of course, synthesizer skool is a great example of this. Check out AK's most recent post of skool, he dives deep into the "how to choose your niche" topic.
(Call Recording) New Fastest Path To $10,000/month
Here's the call recording for the first call we had today. Check it out: And I'll see you next Monday!
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(Call Recording) New Fastest Path To $10,000/month
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Broooo - this is crazy valuable. Been listening to the replay today. Appreciate you 🙏🏼
🕊️ 10,000 SYNTHESIZERS | Free Cohort On New Fastest Monetization Path
To celebrate 10,000 Synthesizers I'm hosting a free cohort-based course. This is for you if you're an employee, student, or beginner creator who wants to earn $3,000 - $10,000/month doing what you love online. I will teach the fastest way I know to monetize. You see, an update to the Great Online Game is on the horizon. And this update unlocks a new way to monetize. You will be among the first people to learn about it. Thus unlocking first movers advantage. Click here to add it to your Calendar and get the Zoom link. See you on Monday.
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🕊️ 10,000 SYNTHESIZERS | Free Cohort On New Fastest Monetization Path
3 likes • Jun 14
Booooom 🚀 This is gonna be an Iconic moment for everyone who attends. Cannon event incoming 🔥
5 likes • Jun 14
@Andrew Kirby First world problems ey 😂
Carnivore diet 🥩
Hi, I’m Jan, 21 years old and I am building my personal brand to sell ‘a transformation’ to young ambitious men. My question is about diet, I’m going on the carnivore diet for optimal brain health. I am 2.02m/6’7 so for optimal muscle gain I need to eat A LOT of meat a day. Around 3.500 calories. I already eat 500 grams of cottage cheese, 6 eggs with some pork added and for dinner around 300 grams of red meat. This is 2.000 calories, maybe 2.500 with butter included. So I need more. Does anyone have suggestions for cheap kinds of meat with a high amount of calories? All help is appreciated!!
New comment 28d ago
1 like • Jun 12
I tried the carnivore diet for several 30-60 day time periods over the last 2 years. I did feel pretty good when doing it, but I also felt pretty bad a fair few times. It just wasn’t a sustainable diet for me to enjoy. Would recommend looking into Brian Johnson’s blueprint methodology he’s worked on. He’s done a solid job of finding the overlap in the constantly contradicting world of diet. The guy sold Venmo for $800Million and he’s spent a ton on doing all the studies
0 likes • Jun 12
@Jan Blok Honestly, I believe most of them where inner blocks (emotional, limiting beliefs, etc) which all came up when I gave up my vice of junk food. I did notice my physical ability wasn’t great and I got tired lots - but I was also pretty unfit at the time 😂 There are wayyyy to many outside variables that affected me, it wouldn’t be fair to attribute to negative things to the carnivore diet. I do believe it’s perhaps one of the best ways of eating.
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