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Module 5 Video 3 Homework!
Put your homework here for video 3!
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1. I help new parents to be more knowledgeable/educated on infant development so they are more confident in raising their little one. 2. I help parents of children with special needs give them unforgettable memories through travel and adventure. 3. I help caregivers of loved ones with an eating disorder to be more confident and less overwhelmed. I have these three ideas for 168's, and I just can't pick one quite yet. I'd love your input! Thanks :)
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@Camille Fenwick Thank you! I appreciate your input.
Templates for those who need them!
I know I shared this in the previous SSHC Community, but wanted to re-share my templates for Terms and Conditions, Medical Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy. These were cleared by my lawyers here in CA, so if you think your state has other considerations, run it by them to make sure it's compliant!
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Wow. Thank you so much for sharing, Sarah. You are greatly appreciated.
IIS Module 3, Video 3
Put your comments here!
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I'm not understanding how to add cards in my template as it doesn't give me that option. I'm usually decent on tech but I'm confused right now! Please help!
Week 1 Meeting
Hello All! I just want to write a little something while I'm still feeling super motivated after GT's talk this evening on our first meeting. I am very much an introvert so this is way outside of my comfort zone! I'm a Peds PT and mom of 3. GT's comment tonight about Time Freedom and Financial Freedom really hit home with me. My 3 kids are teenagers, and I know time with them will continue to get more limited as they move on to college and beyond, and I really want to have this time with them before they fly. Time at home, time to travel, time to go on adventures. I want the gift of time with my kids and with my family. That's why I'm doing this. Thanks for listening! Let's do this!!!
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Module 1 video 3
#Video 3 E= exercise wisdom spoke to me because ultimately this course is about taking action and the more we do the suggested ones over and over to fail faster the quicker we will learn the subtleties of how best to tweak the execution steps for our specific 168 vehicle to aid in our success. C=control and manage your time will be where I struggle the most because I'm often too laid back and disorganized flitting away my time with frivolous busy work or leisure things that do not move me forward in my business while balancing work and crazy school/sport/extracurricular schedules for 2 kids. Just received the planner today and very excited to check it out and start using it as I'm hoping it's just the structure and guidance I need to support better success. @Maria Shepherd this is definitely where you can help to keep me accountable 😉👍
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This is my weakness as well being a busy mom of three and small biz owner. We've got this, together!
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Thanks, Greg. I'm an introvert, so this stuff is HARD! But I'm trying! Glad to have Lori helping me along.
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