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⚾️ It's GAMETIME! The middle of the year is upon us... As entrepreneurs, we must decide how we will take on the 2nd half of the year. Which camp do you fall in? (vote below) (PS: I'll post some insights in the comments after we have some votes)
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I have changed my vote because I need to do the same things with more intensity. Since we have recently changed/transformed what we have been doing, it is just time to push it harder.
How did our client generate $141,962 in 30 days? They had ONE funnel that was created in ONE day. What's a funnel and how do you make one? Find out Friday, May 5th at 2PM CST (Need more revenue in your business? Do NOT miss this one)
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See you tomorrow!
🤯 A Cool Way to Find Leads!
Qualified targeted leads are hard to find.. yes or no? Want to see how business owners and entrepreneurs are finding leads in bulk in a way not many people know exists... Normally, we reserve these meetings for our Genie Rocket users, but we're feeling generous today and we're opening the doors to the public for you to get an inside look today! 👀 👉 COMMENT BACK WITH "LEADS" IF YOU WANT ME TO DM YOU THE VIDEO THIS AFTERNOON
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Local DFW folks... We're launching a Marketing Mastermind Group! Test kickoff is this FRIDAY at 3:30 PM in person in our studio. To get in the group, you need to book a free 30-minute whiteboard session with me first. Watch the video here for the next steps: (Masterminds are for serious business owners looking to get to the next level)
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I am signed up and will see you in a couple hours!
BAM! Workshop 12.14.22 Recap
Thanks everyone who attended the workshop, we had a great turnout and appreciate the high energy and participation! Rose Coffee wasn't able to make it out today due to a sickness, but they'll be at our next event, so make sure to make it out. As a reminder, please check the calendar tab for all upcoming events. New events will be posted up next week. In this session we discussed what a lead magnet is, why it's important for your business, and steps to create one with examples. 👉Copy of the handout is available in the PDF below. 🚨 ALSO! Our full software tool price is also going up after the new year, so lock in the $149/mo all-in-one sales and marketing tool before it goes up to $249/mo! Consider it an early Christmas gift to yourself, and it will be the gift that helps you eliminate marketing tool clutter and get focused on results. (We use it every day for sending out emails, texts, making calls, building web pages, organizing our sales pipelines and more) Starting in January 2023, we'll be doing intensive trainings on HOW to use the tool for attracting new leads, nurturing leads, and closing leads into sales. A full curriculum, and you can attend and watch yourself OR bring someone from your team that wants to learn marketing. Please don't miss out on this! I'd love to see you on the trainings and start January STRONG with the rest of us. A full marketing education with tools, coaching and community for $149. Let's go! Get the deal here:
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@Brad Parnell I am interested in your thoughts on this for my company.
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@Brad Parnell Thanks. We do the first two, but I could email out the second instead of just putting it on our GBP. I will work on the 3rd and 4th concepts.
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