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Who wants a SICK Black Friday deal?
We're thinking of doing a sick Black Friday deal. The craziest Black Friday deal we've ever done. Interested? Give me a sick GIF in the comments below if you want a sick deal.
Shew Tanden
Regina Martinelli
Benjamin Nabers
Cepand Yegani
Aleks Fidurski
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V3.1 — Introducing "Classroom"
Classroom is a lightweight content portal for online courses. Create modules, embed videos, add resources, transcripts, and track student progress. Classroom integrates with your Skool community, so your students will have 1-login, 1-profile, and 1-search — for everything. Totally free. Watch the video below to see how it works. Enjoy!
Tim Navarro
Kieran Moloney
Erne Box
Scott Kay
Anfisa Bogomolova
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    Unbelievable @Sam Ovens. This is a game changer for both my businesses. Just thank you for having relentless focus on the customer.
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    @Natu Myers I believe Sam addresses this question in a different post. I'd use the search bar to see. If I recall - it's much easier for all parties involved to just keep the Skool link.
Membership Questions for Paid Communities
Hi Skool team – if you offer a paid community, is there a way to still provide membership questions? After a few tests, it looks like membership questions only show up for when the community is set to "free". If an invite link is sent to a paid community, it looks like they're automatically in once they pop-in their card numbers. Obviously, that's great but we still want to monitor who joins our group – event if they pay. Thanks!
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Brandon Kaiser
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Free and Paid Members Within a Single Group?
Hi Skool community – it's been awhile but I'm back baby! Quick question, and I apologize if it's blatantly obvious. If we have a paid membership group, can there also be free members within the same group? If we work with schools and we want to have a school wide membership, can the school administrator pay for a single membership and then we allow other students or admin within the group? Example: BK High School wants to join our paid membership. They (the school) pay $50/month and that allows them to have 5 students and 2 admin be part of our community for no additional charge. Can their primary admin pay and then we invite the other students and admin for free to invite the group? If this is possible, we could technically have a School make their own profile and that's the billing profile and then their members can be be part of it so long as the school pays. OR Do we need to bill individuals so we'd do $10/admin, $5/students?
V3.3 — Introducing "Calendar"
Now you can add a shared calendar to your Skool so your members can see what's happening, when, in their local timezone. Members can add events to their personal calendars with a click. If your community does live Q&A calls or live events, this feature is perfect for you! Watch the video to see how it works. Enjoy!
Shrikant Patel
Konrad Schure
Gavin Ingham
Yvonne Heimann
Sam Ovens
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Privacy controls — private and public communities
We just pushed a new feature — Privacy Controls — Now you can control who see's what on the platform. We have two community types: Private and Public. Here's how they work. Private: Only members can see who's in the community and what they post. Public: Anybody can see who’s in the community and what they post. Only members can post. If somebody who's not a member tries to view a private community, or any post within it, they will see this. And if they look at a community members profile, they'll see this. Everything within private communities is completely private. Nothing is indexed in search or Google. If somebody is a member of a private community and they look at another members profile, they'll see this. (pretty cool).
Sam Ovens
Brandon Kaiser
Larry Le, VMA
April MacLean
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Introducing "Gamification" — Points, levels, leaderboards, and gems
Hey team! We just added some new gamification features. The idea is to surface and reward the people who add the most value by helping others. Here's how it works: • Points — whenever somebody likes your post/comment, you get 1-point. • Levels — your level will show as a blue dot with a number in it on your avatar and profile. As you get more points, you start to level up. • Leaderboards — the members who gained the most points in the last 7-days, 30-days, and all-time will show on the leaderboards tab here. • Gems — group admins can award "gems" to posts/comments that are of exceptional quality. Awarding a gem makes the post/comment stand out so others are more likely to see it and users can use the "Gems" filter to find admin curated highlights from the community. • Prizes — with these new features you can offer prizes to members that appear in the top 10 to reward top contributors and incentivize the right behavior. This isn't a "feature", but something we've noticed works well in other communities. We recommend offering prizes in your community! Let the games begin!
Clark Kegley
Adam Harper
Mareya Ali
Oli Reitmaier
Kuba Misiek
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    Giddy up. Can't wait to integrate this into our communities. Thanks @Sam Ovens. Btw - We started introducing 'Post on Skool' in our action items and are already seeing improved engagement.
Building Skool 3.0 (why we've been quiet)
Hey team! I thought I'd share why we haven't been as active posting and commenting on Skool recently — We're focusing on building "Skool 3.0". So instead of incremental improvements in short cycles (like we've been doing so far), we're making some big improvements over a longer cycle. You're going to love it! As soon as Skool 3.0 is live, I'll announce it here in the Skool Beta group. Till then, we may not be as engaged with discussions, or announcing new features. I wanted to let you know why. Bug fixes will continue to be a #1 priority, so if you find anything please report it to us and we'll fix it ASAP. Happy New Year!
Saidur Rahman
Chester Zoda
Ralph Lasry
Onur Degirmenci
Sam Ovens
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Membership Questions + Invites
Hi team, If you add membership questions – will these only be required for those who find the group and request to join? Or will these also be required for those we invite? Currently we 'invite' them to Skool. I'd like to continue to invite them, and then have them fill out the questions. If the membership questions are currently only for people who request, would I then just send the Skool link in their onboarding email? @Sam Ovens @Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Brandon Kaiser
Ashley Payonk
Giulia Guerrieri
Anton Anderson
New comment Jan 25
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Got it. Thanks for the clarity.
New features and improvements
Hi Team! Just wanted to let you know about a few improvements we’ve just implemented for classroom. 1. Turn off discussion for a course module - If you don’t need discussion and post references at the bottom of a particular course module, you can easily turn them off in the edit section for that module. 2. Duplicate course modules - If you spend time creating similar course modules, you can now speed things up by simply duplicating an existing one! Just copy the module, change the things you need, publish, and save! Good for daily QA call uploads, recurring content, etc. 3. Mobile - Go to next button. On mobile, when you click “Mark as Done” - we’ve provided you with a “go to next” link for a quick transition to the next course module. 4. Remembering the last course module you were on. When you leave and then revisit classroom, you’ll be back at the module where you left off, so you can quickly get back to learning. Hope you all enjoy! Please continue to send us your feedback and any issues that you see. Your response is always much appreciated.
Khalid Ali
Niks Jansons
Steven Souther
Brandon Kaiser
Earnie Boyd
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Is there a way to see members email addresses as an admin?
Hi all – I work with universities and multiple people at each school. I send an initial Google Form for the contacts who will be accessing the training. When they submit the form, I've created a Zap with the Webhook to automatically invite them. I can see the responses of the other users in the Google Sheets responses. That being said, I'd like to double check each email to ensure each member is aligned with a university who is a client. And, if they ever invite other staff or students, I'd like to verify they are part of the university. So can I currently see member email addresses? When I'm approving pending members, will I be able to see them? Let me know if I need to clarify this. Thanks Team, Skool is absolutely unbelievable and is seriously a game changer for my businesses. Bk
Trevor Dowds
Brandon Kaiser
Sam Ovens
Giulia Guerrieri
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    @Trevor Dowds @Sam Ovens Checking in on this. Here's why this would be valuable for me. My clients can invite other team members from their organization to join the platform if they send an invite or fill out our onboarding form with the webhook. I can only see their name when they join or request and not their email for verification. In order to keep my CRM and Client Contact List updated, it would be beneficial for me to see each email, or have the option to export data of current members into a CSV to see name and email. Otherwise, I have no way of checking to make sure they are part of a client's organization. Ideally this would be an 'Admin' only feature and could see the names / emails in both 'Members' and 'Invited'. Let me know if you have any questions or updates. Happy to share a Loom or Screenshots. Appreciate all you guys do.
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    @Sam Ovens Thank you.
Turn 'Calendar' On and Off?
Hi, is there a way to turn 'on' or 'off' the Calendar? If not, is there a reason why one of my communities shows the calendar and one does not?
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Brandon Kaiser
Ted Carr
New comment Sep '22
Resource Download File Naming Issue
What's up amazing Skool team. It looks like some of the files within my modules are having issues with File Naming when dowloading. Some of the documents download correctly with the Title of the Worksheet or Pinup. Others turn into a mumble jumble of letters and numbers asdf87asdfa... Attached is the Loom explaining. Any insight would be appreciated.
Brandon Kaiser
Nick Guadagnoli
New comment Aug '21
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    Additional trouble when I actually download the documents to my computer. Attached is a follow up Loom.
Suggested Video Link Privacy on Vimeo for Classroom?
Hi All - I'm currently transitioning off of Kajabi into Skool Classrooms. I'm transferring my videos from Kajabi onto Vimeo (cheaper than Wistia). What is the suggested 'link privacy' on Vimeo for Skool? I currently have it on Private and it seems to work.
Nick Guadagnoli
Welcome to Skool Beta — Start here
This is where Skool users come together to suggest features, report bugs, and share feedback. We're co-creating Skool with our users (you). So when something frustrates you, seems confusing, broken, missing, or not right, tell us so we can fix it! What is Skool? Skool is a platform for creating "Learning communities". Think of them as Facebook groups, but better. No ads, distractions, self-promotion, privacy concerns, endless notifications, misinformation, and political drivel. Skool's got killer search, it's fast, fun, and optimized for learning. It's totally free, forever. How do you get started? 1. Create a Skool account by clicking the "Join Group" button. 2. Request membership for our groups: Consulting Accelerator and Skool Beta this. 3. Try the platform for yourself! Try posting something, commenting, voting, searching, etc. 4. Share your honest feedback here in this community! Let's build this thing together!
Alexia Schlueter
Zahida A Khan
Chester Zoda
Simon Hook
Karen Yee
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    Thank you @Sam Ovens for creating this. It is perfect and exactly what I am looking for. I am frustrated with Kajabi communities, and FB, too cluttered. Seriously this is a game changer.
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