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Hello! Welcome to The MAKEONCE Community. The goal of this group is to help Internet Creators how to unlock their best life, monetize what they love, and start an Internet Creator business helping others solve problems online. Let's get things started by introducing ourselves. Let's hear from you: 1. What's your name? 2. Where are you currently focusing your efforts and what are you trying to build? See you in the comments!
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New comment Oct 3
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@Vinnie Vasquez welcome buddy. Wow, you certainly sound very knowledgeable. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours
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@Mwine Amanya welcome to the group buddy. Hey, you didn't mention where you're from?
#Aspirations Hi Mike Thank you for putting this module together. I'm completely new to affiliate marketing and so I've haven't a clue on what to do and where to start. So, I feel I'm in the right place at the right time with finding you and exploring the modules. I would like to ask, how do I start with Builder Lab?
Mike Gowans
New comment Jan 30
Mikes 1st TikTok live 💯🔥
Hey Mike I dont know how, but I found your TikTok live on my for you page. Man, you were great. You're a pure natural at presenting. Keep up the wonderful work brother
Mike Gowans
Jt Taylor
New comment Jan 15
Where to start?
Hey all I hope that everyone is having a amazing weekend 😁 I wanted some feed back from the group with regards to "How to start" My situation is that I work long hours and have little time for a sideline business. So I am considering doing affiliate marketing and using AI to help me with content generation ideas on topics that I know very little about. Then to make no face videos to put on YouTube to help generate a few sales. My goal is to have a turnover of 10k pcm with a 30% profit after expenses. That would enable me to stop doing my - DJoD (Day Job of Doom) and become a full time online marketer, like my mentor Mike. My question is, which automantion systems do I start using, how long does it take to start seeing some green shoots of return. Lastly, I really identified with Mike's video on "imposter syndrome", it's something I've battled with for many years and it doesn't help that I have ADHD, so I can be super focused and lose all track of time or then "look squirrel 🐿" and my mind will find another task to think about. So thanks for highlighting that Mike and giving me some confidence to keep moving forward.
Jt Taylor
Bob Aza
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@Jt Taylor thank you for the in depth reply, buddy. I really appreciate it 🙏 👍🏽
How To Grow Your YouTube Channel (Beginner Mode!)
This post on my TikTok has reached 64k+ views in only a few days but here's the full version of it. People are loving this concept that I learned from a $36k/year mastermind filled with YouTubers sharing their best-kept secrets to growing to 100k subscribers.
Bob Aza
Mike Gowans
New comment Jan 5
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OMG .... just what I needed. Thank you Mike
How To Sell Anything Faster & Easier with Automated Funnels
Do you have a traffic engine feeding your conversion machine? If not, why?
Bob Aza
Mike Gowans
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Mike if I was starting as a complete beginner, where would you suggest to start? I have no physical or digital products to sell, or service. Would it be a better bet to start of with affiliate products?
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Bob Azam
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Hi, I live and work In Manchester England and I'm very new to affiliate marketing. I hope to learn from all of you and share my journey with you all.
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Manchester, England

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