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2024 Mid-Year Party going down!
Only a few days left in June 2024, and we’ll have crossed the halfway mark for this year—crazy, right? Are you ready to reflect on your progress and plan for an amazing second half of the year? Join us for an engaging and supportive event designed to help you review your goals, celebrate your achievements, and set actionable steps to reach your aspirations by year's end. This workshop is for you if: - You've set New Year's goals but forgot about them. - You’re on your way to reaching your goals but need a little push. - You want more tools to achieve your goals faster - You want to celebrate your progress and refocus your efforts. - You’re ready to plan and set clear goals for the rest of the year. What will you get? 📈 Reflect on your journey and celebrate your wins. 🛠️ Gain new strategies and insights to overcome challenges. 🎯 Set clear, actionable goals for the next six months. 💬 Connect with a supportive community and find accountability. Investment Only $9! This small investment includes: - Pre-Party Preparation: Enjoy a detailed and engaging pre-party guidebook designed to help you reflect on your goals, successes, and challenges. Completing this guidebook before the party will ensure you're fully prepared to make the most of our time together. - Live Party: An hour-long interactive workshop where we’ll review our progress, celebrate achievements, and plan for the next six months. During the workshop, we will go through our signature goal-setting course, which regularly costs $50. This is a fantastic opportunity to access valuable insights and strategies at a fraction of the regular price. Don’t miss out on this chance to recharge your goals and connect with a supportive community, all for just $9! How it works: 1. Sign up and complete your payment. 2. Receive a Zoom link and the pre-party guidebook via email. 3. Prepare by completing Sections 1 and 2 of the guidebook. 4. Join us on Zoom to review, celebrate, and plan! My Mission:
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2024 Mid-Year Party going down!
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Co-Working Accountability Hour in 15 minutes
Join me at 9am MST for our first ever co-working accountability hour. Come with something to do as we will go through 2 cycles of pomodoro. Link is in the calendar See you there!
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Co-Working Accountability Hour in 15 minutes
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Monday Motivation: Let’s Make Accountability Fun and Effective!
Happy Monday, Achievers! 🌞 Ready to kickstart the week with a dash of excitement? Let's dive into a game-changing concept—accountability. But here’s the twist: we’re making it fun! Imagine accountability as your personal cheer squad. It’s about setting your goals and having a supportive community to encourage you every step of the way. Think of it like having a gym buddy, but for all your life’s ambitions. You wouldn’t skip out on a session if you knew someone was counting on you, right? The same energy applies here! This week, I encourage you to share your Top 3 goals for the week in the comments. It’s a powerful way to put your intentions out there. And if you find yourself in need of an accountability partner to discuss and drive these goals, it’s the perfect time to consider joining Achievers' Circle. We’re all about making accountability not just productive, but incredibly motivating and supportive. Let’s transform accountability from a chore into a celebration of shared achievements! Post your goals below, and let’s cheer each other on. If you’re looking for that extra push, Achievers' Circle is here to connect you with your perfect accountability match. Let’s make this week unforgettable!
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Monday Motivation: Let’s Make Accountability Fun and Effective!
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Sunday Set-Up: Rituals to Start Your Week Right
A well-spent Sunday sets the tone for a successful week! Establishing rituals that prepare you for the upcoming days can make a huge difference. Maybe it's meal prepping, planning your schedule, or setting clear goals for the week—these activities can reduce stress and streamline your workflow. If you need help to review your week and plan the upcoming one, viist the Classroom and download the Weekly Achievement Accelerator! This planner will help you reflect and plan so you can make sure your week is going to be a productive one! What does your Sunday prep look like? Do you have a particular routine that helps you feel organized and ready?
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Sunday Set-Up: Rituals to Start Your Week Right
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Skill-Set Saturday: Investing Time in Personal Growth
What are you up to this week-end? I like to spend time with my kiddos but weekend is also an excellent time for self-improvement. Dedicating even a few hours to developing new skills or deepening existing ones can make a significant difference in your personal and professional life. Whether it’s learning a new language, improving your technical skills, or exploring a creative passion, every little bit adds up. For me this week-end it will be reading and painting. I may even add a little puzzling session if I have time! How are you planning to grow this weekend? Share your learning goals and maybe find a buddy to join you on your journey to improvement!
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Skill-Set Saturday: Investing Time in Personal Growth
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