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Skool is amazing - with it, I generate about $10,000/m in recurring revenue with my LT offer, and another $30,000-$40,000/month with my HT offer. This is how I've set things up - nice & simple. If you have any questions, comment below 👇 P.S. Want my shirt? Visit https://skoolmerch.com/


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Benny D
Danny Mallinder
Kevin Barry
Jeremiah Desmarais
Ted Carr
New comment 19h ago
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    Crushing it bro, thanks for sharing

Good communities highlight their members. It's all about the members. That's YOU! We want YOU to share how you're using Skool so others can get ideas and learn. We'll give spot prizes (like Skool merch) to members who share something cool. If you share something people find useful — we'll promote you to our 800k email list, 134k YouTube subs, and put you on our website that gets millions of monthly visits. We created a new category called "How I'm using Skool". Check it out! If you want to share how you're using Skool, create a post in that category with a good title, a short description, and a quick (less than 5m) Loom video sharing your setup/use-case. Help us help you!



Robert Clay
Nick Hauser
Carl Munson
Dejan Stanculovic
Joel Vazquez
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    Just posted my #howiuseskool ! Added a pretty Loom video as well to give you the rub on how we do things! Thanks Sam 🤝

I've spent the last 7 years of my life growing to over 500,000 Streams on Music platforms Reaching 25K followers on Instagram and growing my other social media pages, while learning the best way to accomplish this most efficiently. My Course "BuzzBuilders" Covers - How to go from 0-10,000 followers on social media - The easiest process of making Content - Utilizing AI for content creation - when and where to post - my Secret "Trifecta Method" for 3xing reach with 1 post - how to leverage you social media to make $$ - How to get Verified - Special algorithm hacks - WAY MORE The goal is to educate everyone on the importance of a powerful image on your social media that truly represents what you stand for. Come Check It Out! https://www.loom.com/share/9ac42c7ed0224bd4956e9268ff90d9fb



Zahida A Khan
Benny D
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    @Zahida A Khan Happy to share! It depends on the situation, at times i'll market the course to be free in order to warm clients up to want a 1:1 Other times i charge monthly. No second course to bring them in, although @Ted Carr finds a lot of success with that method

Kajabi has a Zapier function that is SUPER helpful for high ticket coaches, and I hope Skool has this feature in the future... It allows you to set up a Zap so that: If 'User A' does not log in within a 7 day timespan... Then send a Slack message to 'Client Success Manager' with text saying: Touch base with 'User A' and ask them if they need any support. Bottom line: This Zapier feature will help get our clients way better result using Skool, and thus will make us more money because we can get better testimonials faster.


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Seth Ellsworth
Warren Gibbons
Benny D
Marc-Andre Seguin
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    Super helpful request!

@Nick Guadagnoli keeps Skool’s operations running smoothly. Help him celebrate!



Quazi Johir
John Frandano
James Gibson Sr
Matthias Dörtzbach
Sarah Watson
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    Happy G day Nick G! Nice choice of Cake!

Anybody else love a dark screen option at night?


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Ted Carr
Benny D
Griffin A. Hamilton
Mickael Gicquaire
Caroline Betz
New comment Feb 15
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    @Mitch Gonsalves woah, mind blown. Thanks Mitch!

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    @Griffin A. Hamilton hahaha You cracked the code!

Tuesday, February 14th @ 1pm Pacific — Valentine's Day Office Hours is happening! - We've got new features ready for you - We're going to share our product roadmap so you know what's coming - And a nice surprise Come hangout and ask us anything! Register for Valentine's Day Office Hours here



Stuart Clifford
Danny Mallinder
Benny D
Andy Kern
Daniel Stojanovski
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    Sounds like a blast!

I make about $10,000/m with my $47/month Skool membership so I get DM'd a lot on here with people asking me "how does Skool compare to <another platform>? I'm not sure if I should use Skool or something else." My response to these DM's is always the same. I've tried all the competitors, and I now use Skool because it has everything I need, and nothing I don't. But to determine if Skool is right for YOU, you need to ask yourself: "What do I absolutely NEED in a platform?" And if Skool has those things you say you need, then use it. For me, I need: Simplicity ✅ A community forum ✅ A place to put my video courses that show progress ✅ A place to promote my live coaching calls ✅ A place to put my recorded coaching callas ✅ A way to DM members ✅ A way to email all members ✅ Lightning fast page loads ✅ Because Skool has these things, without a ton of other FLUFF, I use it, and I love it. ❌ Would a Skool mobile app be nice? Yes but... The mobile desktop version works perfectly fine for me & my clients. ✅ ❌ Would the ability to white label Skool be nice? Yes but... It doesn't make or break anything for me or my clients. ✅ ❌ Would the ability to go live inside Skool be nice? Yes but... Going live on Zoom using Skool's calendar feature works just as well for me & my clients. ✅ Skool is also very new, and with more feedback from users like you, it will improve as times goes on. If you'd like help setting up or growing your Skool community from scratch, send me a DM w the word SKOOL and I'll answer any Q's you have :)



Ronda Moore
Benny D
Brandon Maldonado
Ted Carr
Varun Teja
New comment Feb 13

Because 3 questions isn't enough, I'm now asking 4. Here are my 4: 1. What's your email? 2. What's your monthly income goal (eg. 5k/month) 3. What's your Instagram (eg. @fruitarian)? 4. What's your phone #? If you'd like to see how I did this, send me a DM with the word: "QUESTIONS". Just kidding - check the photo below :) I ask for the email so I can automate my email sequence on Active Campaign with them. I ask for their income goal so I know their target for conversation sake. I ask for IG so my team can DM them. I ask for their phone # so my team can text/call them.


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Ted Carr
Benny Delemos
Blake La Grange
New comment Jan 31
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    @Ted Carr Crushing it. No system can hold us lol

Just hit 100 members - party time! 🥳 Thought it'd be helpful to share with you 10 lessons I've learned along the way (and wish I knew earlier) so you can grow your Skool community more effectively & keep your members happy to lessen churn. I've also included 4 things I "hate" about Skool, AKA 'Wishlist Features' that I feel would make Skool even better. This is a big milestone for me and I'm so stoked to have made my 'clear & definite aim' a reality! Next target: 1,000 members. Enjoy the lessons, and big thanks to @Sam Ovens for all of his YouTube mentorship over the years. Ted P.S. I'd love to hear what you've learned since using Skool... If you have any tips/strategies for: • Growing your Skool group faster • Keeping your Skool members happy • Using Skool more effectively as an admin/moderator/teacher Please comment below with what they are :) You rock.



Danny Mallinder
Ted Carr
Benny Delemos
David Cavanagh
Luke Miller
New comment Jan 31
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    Super helpful thanks Ted

Sam has mentioned a few times how Skool is becoming a powerful 'Group Funnel' tool. And I agree but... If Skool had an in-house CRM for the DM's so setters could stay more organized with labels (like Genius CRM does for FB) that would be insanely helpful for keeping track of convo's in the pipeline. If Skool does not plan on building a feature for this, would it be possible for someone to build a 3rd party app like Genius?


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Benny Delemos
Breynan Hammons
Brinley Rebstein
Ted Carr
Andrew Kroeze
New comment Jan 30
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    Would be super helpful. Especially with the rapid growth of Skool!

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