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EMOM… how important is it?
As I’ve progressed (thanks to @Sean Griffin and @Grant Anderson amazing programming) - I’ve noticed it’s harder to level up on the big bells (40kg/44kg/48kg) with 10x10 EMOM. I’m finding I’m sacrificing form to get it done in time. I know @Grant Anderson has said not to worry about time, technique is key- but am I sacrificing the cardio gains (leaning up) if I don’t keep up EMOM? I have a tendency to say “just man up and do it…punk” But, I wanted input from my betters on what my mind set should be as I’m trying to reach and own that 48kg. Thanks!!!!
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EMOM… how important is it?
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To give you context I work “OTM” probably…. 5-10x/year 😂
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What happens once you get to the 40k and above… you have to build the strength to unlock the endurance at the lower bells. Wanna make the 40k feel easy to swing OTM - build up to doing 48kg 10x10 on no timing whatsoever. You’ll be amazed the “cardio” gains you unlock by just getting stronger 🙂 But… just my .02 👊
Introducing The Kettlebell Academy 🔥
What's up ya'll! If you haven't noticed @Sean Griffin and I just launched a BRAND NEW product called the Kettlebell Academy. Goal was to continue to provide a clear roadmap for guys to follow to transform their health & level up their Kettlebell Training from home. Here’s a quick overview of what it includes: ✅ ‘Done-For-You’ Program Released Every 30 Days To Remove All Guesswork ✅ 6-Level Progressive System To Go From Novice To Ninja With Certainty ✅ Super-Efficient 30-45 Minute Full-Body Workouts Designed For Busy Guys ✅ In-Depth Video Breakdowns For Every Single Movement ✅ Unique ‘Self-Coaching’ System To Easily Correct Your Technique Best of all when you join you get 9 FREE BONUSES + you can try the KBA out RISK FREE for 30 Days 🔥 Interested in seeing what it's all about? Watch the video below OR Clink this link ➡️ Hope to see you all on the inside!! P.S. With the launch of the KBA we've decided to close this group down. We'll officially be shutting this group down on Sunday, April 14th. Just a note... if you have enjoyed the Flagship Program, the programming in the KBA will be right up your alley 👊 P.S.S. If anyone in here is already in the KBA drop a comment below and let everyone know what you think about it!! 👇👇
Introducing The Kettlebell Academy 🔥
KBA is LIVE!!!
Guys- if you haven’t yet, you need to get on Kettlebell Academy! @Grant Anderson and @Sean Griffin have built yet another great platform to help us stay healthy, fit and strong AF - all for a ridiculously low monthly membership (cheaper than any gym membership I’ve ever had!). The content on the Academy App is insane!!! Do yourselves a favor and take your KB journey to the next level(s)! **This sounds a little like a paid promo, lol- but it’s not- I’m just stoked for the platform and want to make sure all the guys here putting in the work know about it!
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Haha thank you @Joshua Ihle!!! Here’s the link for anyone who’s interested!
Gents - We Need Your Input!!
@Sean Griffin and I have been working behind the scenes on a NEW subscription offering designed to give men all the tools, knowledge, and kettlebell programming needed to crush their fitness goals from home. It's called... The Kettlebell Academy 🔥 Before we finalize our subscription, we are seeking valuable input from individuals like all of you men to ensure it meets your needs. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS HERE Your feedback will help shape our product, and I would greatly appreciate your participation in our brief survey (takes 2 mins). Survey respondents automatically enter to win a FREE month in the Kettlebell Academy!! Can't thank you enough for participating and helping us understand exactly how we can help you get even better results. Survey Link ➡️
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Maybe hitting a wall?
Have not posted in a while. Worked up to: (Using the Flagship Program) ( 4 x per week) - 2 hand swings with 40 kg (going to 48kg) - TGU 40 kg, (couldn't get all of the 10 TGUs with 40kg). Hit a wall, felt weak. Started to do 1 hand swings: (3 to 4 x per week) - 1 hand swings with 24 kg (going to 28kg) - TGU 32 kg Last week I took a deload week because I have had a lot of stress in my life. (3 x on the week) - 2 hand swings with 28 kg - TGU with 28 kg This next week I will begin working my way up to heavier 1 hand swings. (4 x per week) - 1 hand swings 24 kg (Heavier KB of 28 kg) - TGU 32 kg (Heavier KB of 40 kg) Ive been rejected from the 40 kg TGUs maybe I can just work myself up with these "lower" bells with the 1 hand swings, after all it is less weight on my frame even if it is harder with only one hand. Any suggestions of how to proceed? @Grant Anderson
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It's definitely a time issue. The Flagship Program isn't optimal to help guys go up to a completely brand new PR bell because it's only 4 weeks. We do have something pretty cool coming out soon that I think you may be interested in... Will make getting to the 40-48kg bells easy :)
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