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Ask me anything
I live in Munich, Germany and I joined MOA in February this year and turned around my social life completely. There hasn’t been a single week since July where I haven’t done an event with the female friends. Either container event or top of the funnel event. I now keep getting invited to exclusive events because of my network of female influencers. I just want to inspire you guys to show what’s possible and here to answer some questions that may concern you. Check out my IG: @anskhalidm
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@Sma Da one The best way to find nice events is that you just follow 30-40 local influencers and watch their stories for a few weeks. You will see the pattern of the places they visit and events they go to.
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@Alessandro Quercetti Regarding events in Munich: there is also not a huge number of events happening in Munich like they do in Las Vegas - I had to organize a lot of the events myself with other MOA fellows. But even then we made it work, because Munich is a big city with a lot going on, so you can make things happen. I also did around 7 photo shoots last year, they are a really easy way to get a lot of cold leads but you don’t meet big influencers from them. The goal of the photoshoots and other event types is for you get warm with the girls and afterwards you invite these girls to container events like a club night out or going to a restaurant etc. I don’t understand why you think it will be cringe to go to a restaurant etc, it’s just like hanging out with the friends. You develop bonds over time and get to each other like normal human beings. I go out to the restaurants and club nights with a couple of female friends almost every week. It’s very normal haha
Hello, who in here has taken this course?
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Yes it’s phenomenal. See results on IG
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@Zach Turner MOA since 1 year, events agency since a few weeks.
Two different events?
I finally finished my events and from Mike's videos it sounds like to me that you should be inviting women to two different events. One event that you won't be able to go to you should invite women to that you think can't show up to a local event. Then a second event that you will go to for women that you think will actually be able to make a local event.
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You use the events like Babes in Toyland, Maxim Parties (where the girls usually won’t be able to go) to open threads with the girls in your list. At the same time you should be looking for opportunities in your city about the high status events where you can invite these girls as well, therefore having the open threads helps a lot as you can quickly send a lot of these invites.
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@Nathan St Fleur open thread means they have accepted your message from the request folder. Even if they don’t reply you will see the inbox as “seen” When the guys get started with this program they don’t know any high status events in their locality so as you are finding out about your city about the exclusive events which can take some time as you network, you should use this time to open thread with the girls on your list
Inviting Male Friends to events
How should I manage it when my male friends are offended when I don’t invite them to smaller events? Main reason being they don’t gel well being around women and act differently when attractive chicks are present. I really want to maintain these friendships and at the same time throw these “container” events.
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I am doing events consistently every week now since July of this year. A lot of my old guy friends keep hitting wanting to join our events. For different events I tell guys different things: - photoshoots: they need to be a photographer to be able to attend - Fashion show: the guest is limited to influencers and people from the industry - Parties: the event organizers wants more females there, so if you want to attend bring 3-4 cuties with And usually I just spin it around saying it’s hard for me to get you in because these are exclusive events are only relevant people are allowed to be there. I hope you can understand as it’s important for my reputation. If they can understand good, if not then they are selfish people Checkout my IG Highlights for events examples
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@Nathan St Fleur yes everyone at the event is bringing value in some way: beautiful women bring value and men also need to provide value to the event otherwise it’s just one random dude messing the vibe and ratio
Hello, I have a question. I'm in the process of building my list and I'm skeptical about messaging female influencers with 50 thousand to 600 thousand followers because they have so many followers and I don't think they will be able to notice my profile and my message from the crowd. In your opinion, how do you think my profile and messages will be seen by women with a lot of followers? Can I get it noticed?
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Yes definitely if your is good and your offer is good you will definitely get responses from big influencers. On our events we have a few influencers with 150k+ followers and I have few open threads with even bigger influencers who have more than 500k followers etc. It’s about your IG profile and your event offer not all of them will respond but if you keep on improving then some of them will definitely respond. At this photoshoot we had a few models with 100k and 200k follwers:
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