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📣We're Upgrading Your Learning Experience with Thinkific!
Hey everyone, Exciting news! We're enhancing your learning experience by moving our bootcamps and training materials to Thinkific. 👉 Bootcamp access: If you've purchased bootcamps like the AI-Powered Shopify Store Bootcamp or the Pinterest Bootcamp, watch for an email with your new access details to Thinkific. We’ll include simple steps to activate your account. 👉 Current Enrollments: If you’re already enrolled in MME 2.0, you have access to Thinkific! We'll be updating our ongoing bootcamps there. 👉 Community Update: Please note, this Skool community will be closing in 2 weeks❗ Make sure to transition to our new platform, Thinkific, to continue accessing your Bootcamps and resources without interruption. 👉New Community Opportunity: Want to experience Shopify growth coaching for less than your monthly Starbucks order? Join our new community, Merchant Mastery Ignite, for just $23/month! It’s not just about learning; it's about doing. Get hands-on with our proven systems, experiment with our coaching style, and put your learning into action—all while being supported by a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Plus, don't miss our fun and informative monthly masterclass happening next week! Questions? We're here to help! Just hit reply to this email, and we'll get back to you pronto. 😀
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📣We're Upgrading Your Learning Experience with Thinkific!
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Will Thinkific carry over all our chats and messages? Do we have to save anything? Thanks
I don’t know if you heard the news already…
But last week, I announced a free workshop on my go-to strategy for running demand-driving product launches to generate more sales without dipping into your profit margins. And I might be sticking out my neck here… But I’m pretty sure that launching a product to drive more sales has crossed your mind at some point. You may have even gone a step further and done a little digging into what type of product would make the most sense for you. But no matter how much research you did… It wasn’t enough to silence the little voice in the back of your head that keeps asking… "What if there aren’t enough people out there who are interested in this?" Because if we’re being honest… What’s worse than devaluing your brand by putting your products on sale all the time… Is launching a product nobody is interested in… Which FORCES you to put it on sale just to bring your cashflow back to the level it used to be. So if that sounds familiar… I wouldn’t just suggest joining our free workshop this Thursday – I would almost prescribe it! Because next week, I’ll give away our proven methodology to create product launches that not only drive a massive sales spike for your store… If you follow it to the T, you might even sell out during your pre-launch phase. Grab your free ticket here
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Can't wait!!!!!!👌
To credit or not to credit? That is the question…
Hello fellow shop owners. Like it or not, my shop has a 7 day return policy (from the time received not ordered) for full refund or 14 day policy for store credit. It’s on our website and in stores. A customer purchased an item through an ad and received it on Sept 11th. Today, October 26th, this person is upset bc the recipient doesn’t use the item and wants to return it. She says a store credit is fine with her. Even if I had a 30 day return policy she’d be way past the time. Would love your feedback on how you would handle this situation.
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Been there. I told customer I would do a 1 time only return for store credit. Also, after you analyze the return so that it's perfect. I won my customer over and she never returned the item. Gave it to her daughter. That might be your lifetime customer.
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@Ashley Hayes and you may never but just the mere fact that you bent the rules once, will go a long way...hopefully if she's nice! Lol
Hello everyone, I’m new here and wanted to introduce myself. I’m Nancy, I have a store in Calgary that offers Women, Baby, and Home accessories made and designed by women. The store is called Think Stunning and I am focusing on increasing my monthly sales throughout my website. Thanks!
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Let me share an inspiring win with you today.
It’s from our mentee Tybet, who ran a flash sale that made $1,000 in revenue in less than 12 hours… Without paid ads or a big following on social media… After less than 4 weeks of joining Merchant Mastery Elite. And because I know you’re dying to know how he did it… I’ll share his 3 needle movers with you – and why he almost quit. 1 – He embraced the messiness Within 24 hours he created his offer, social posts, and email campaigns. Was his offer stack perfect? No. Did he make the most revenue he could? Nope. But does he now have something to build on that’ll make him much more during BFCM? 100%. 2 – He worked with what he had Because he jumped the gun and ran a sale before completing the required levels in MME… He had to put in A LOT of manual work to make it happen. He saw what worked for others and tried to mimic what they did – with the knowledge and systems he had. 3 – He stopped being ‘creative’ The truth is, Tybet wasn’t even planning to run a sale in September. He signed up for one of our other seasoned mentees’ newsletter… To see how other merchants apply the strategies we teach in Merchant Mastery. And that’s where he got inspired to run a September sale. But instead of reinventing the wheel, he took what he’d seen and adapted it to his store. If you can only take away one thing from this win today, it’s this: You’ll never feel ready. Tybet almost took a pass on his September sale because he thought it was ‘too early’ too. So, don’t stand in your own way. But it shows something else too: If you follow a proven system that has already helped 1000+ merchants achieve the next level of growth… And if you’re committed to making it work – everything is possible. Happy Friday, Scott Cunningham P.S. BFCM is approaching with light speed… But there’s still time to create an offer that will let you crush it this year, join me this Monday for a FREE BFCM Webinar
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Congrats Tybet on your huge win! This is so inspiring and I can't wait to hear how much further you go! @Scott Cunningham Thanks for this great detail. I hope I can have a win this amazing. 👌👏👏
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