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Book club idea
After watching D and B's 5 Must-Read Books for JavaScript Developers in 2024 I have decided that I want to read some of these books (specifically "Extreme programming" and "Browser networking). Last year while between jobs I hosted a weekly book club for developers where we went over "Advanced React" and "Responsible JavaScript" and I got a lot of value out of discussing these books chapter by chapter with fellow industry professionals. I was thinking that having a book club meetup with members of Software Mastery/The Senior Dev Academy would be great since it's safe to say a lot of us are on the same page. We could read through the books one chapter per week and spend an hour discussing and clarifying the concepts. However, I am in Australia and 8 hours ahead of you in time so realistically the sessions would have to be anytime between 9am-1pm your time for me to be able to make them consistently. At this stage I am putting this here as an expression of interest, I would very much like to go through these books with some of you and I would like to be more involved in this community. Please let me know if you're interested here and in the coming weeks we can decide on a book and put together a time.
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Book club idea
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Hey, I'd like to be in the loop if the time of day works with my schedule. I will DM.
Goal Setting - 90, 1 and 3 years goal setting
After being in the communiity for a while, I saw that I hadn't been through the goal setting stage in the Classroom. It was nice to write down at least partially what I aim to reach for myself. 3 Years From Now I’m a Senior Developer, leading a team remotely, while still programming. I’ve become proficient in my chosen tech stack, which includdes React. I’m mentoring and I am active in the Women in Tech community. I am either working 4 days a week, or part-time, or with flexibility to pick up my kids and have a healthy work/life routine. On the money side, I’m earning €80,000 (almost double of June/2024). I am teaching and mentoring. I interview for the challenges and I am not afraid of interviewing anymore and I work somewhere I enjoy and where I feel valued. I work at a remote-first company with people I enjoy, with benefits and bonuses. 1 Year From Now My company’s merger is finished and I am ready to start interviewing and back to the market. I used this time well and I have learned a lot, being able to work as a Salesforce Developer (Full stack) now, even though I still mainly work as frontend. I am becoming more confident in React so I can go back to the market and search for a better job, looking for a € 45,000 - € 60,000 offer. 90 Days From Now I passed the PD1 exam certification for Salesforce, becoming a full stack Developer (on paper at least). I feel more at ease with the upcoming merger. The certification (and mentoring) has taught me a lot about testing and generally working as fullstack. I re-took the Assessment for Software Mastery and my percentages went up. I feel ready to start focusing my efforts into going Senior level, hopefully with Software Mastery, but if not somehow. I have some interviews to be able to negociate a salary increase.
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Nice goals. You can do it! 🚀
Handling knowledge gaps in an interview
How do people handle not knowing the answer to a question in a technical interview? Is there a better way of saying "I don't know" or "That's not something I have experience with"? Is it OK to not know everything? 😔
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@Daniel Malmgren de Oliveira I had a technical interview today and there was a few things I couldn't answer :-( Have you encountered questions about design and architecture patterns in your interviews?
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@Daniel Malmgren de Oliveira I just said I didn't know. I Googled it after the interview and I knew the pattern by another name, doh! I just wrote it down and said I would research it after the call.
Introduce Yourself (Start Here 🔥)
Hello! ✨🎉 Welcome to The Senior Dev Academy! 🎉✨ The goal of this group is to help you fast-track from Junior to Senior with quality learning resources, feedback, accountability, and mentorship. 🚀 Step 1: Introduce yourself here! 👇 🌟 Guidelines: 1️⃣ Your Name 2️⃣ Where You're From 🌍 3️⃣ Your Tech Stack 💻 4️⃣ Your Goal in This Community 🌱 (✄ Copy/Paste template here 👇) Title: Hey there! ✌️ 👋 Hi, my name is Dragos. I am a Front-end Developer based in Berlin Germany 🇩🇪. I work mostly with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Node.js. But I got my hands dirty with all kinds of stuff, from PHP to Ruby on Rails. I am here to get more technically deep as a developer and connect with other like-minded people. Hit me up if you want to chat or need anything :) 😊 Step 2: Discover how to unlock the course materials for free. Best practices in this Community: 💡 Level up by posting insights and helpful comments 👍 Help others level up by liking good posts and comments 👋 Be kind 💪 If you need help, just ask the community Have fun! To your success 🏆 Dragos
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Introduce Yourself (Start Here 🔥)
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Hi everyone, I'm a full-stack developer based in Bath, UK. Before I became a Software Engineer I spent my early career working in Sales and Customer Service and spent some time living in different countries with 7 years in Barcelona and 4 years in Prague. Looking for a change, I then became a teacher and transitioned to teaching English online which was something I really enjoyed as I love to help people achieve their goals, but sadly it didn't pay very well. With this in mind, I decided to learn some new skills and I studied Media Production at UWE (University of the West of England) in Bristol as a mature student. I chose this subject as it was quite a varied course including things like Podcasting, Journalism & Video Editing. I really enjoyed trying out a variety of subjects but I also learned that an early career in the creative industries can be quite precarious and poorly paid which was what I was trying to move away from. By chance, during my studies I became quite interested in Data Driven Art and was fascinated by the work of people such as Refik Anadol and Neri Oxman. I started researching and writing about the early history of Computer Art, which is something I found very interesting. Around this time, I also started playing around with a JavaScript library called P5.js which is aimed at visual learners and creative coders and I was instantly hooked! I had a light bulb moment 💡and thought "I really love coding! Maybe, I could do this for a job!" I then set myself the ambitious goal of finding a job within 6 months and started an intensive period of self study and also attended a bootcamp. Before I was ready to start applying and before I had written my CV, I saw a job posted in a Slack channel and thought I'd put in a speculative application, "forgetting" to attach my CV. I got a call from a recruiter who said don't worry we don't look at CV's we are more interested in you as a person. I was very lucky and got hired in the first and only job I had applied to! 😃
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@Lindsay Morales 👋 Welcome to the community!
AI driven valuable?
Personally I think it is valuable, not only in learning new skills, but in refining existing ones. I've been using AI for past 5 months during my redundancy period, I've learnt quite a lot from it. However, is there a risk that a current or future employer may see AI as basically cheating - why would they pay me $x where they could get a junior to do the same job? I think it depends on the business mindset, and I know that in the UK there is not a great amount of trust from senior management. Even after Covid I am seeing more and more companies wanting hybrid models, and to get people back in the offices. I see that as a trust issue, like they basically want you to be heads down for 7.5 hours a day, and they can't control that if you are not in an office. Maybe though, these are not the forward thinking companies that we want to be working for? I just thought it was an interesting point and warrants a discussion.
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I've had mixed results with AI but when it's good it's really good. I took part in a discovery to assess if AI can boost productivity and the conclusion was yes but with some caveats. As it stands, I think a lot of companies are nervous about production code being copy pasted as a prompt, in case it ends up being used as training data and then regurgitated by an LLM. A lot of the well known coding assistants claim that prompts are not persisted in long term memory but almost all the tools process data in the US which is also a concern for some companies. It can also suggest very feasible looking code that turns out to be buggy or hallucinate non existent libraries that can then be published by nefarious actors. I think someone did this as en experiment with something related to Hugging Face. I've found that when relying on AI 100% it's really hard to define requirements and it wasted my time. When I already know what I want and I'm just using it for help it has been great. I think if you're skilled at prompting AI and it makes you more productive, and it's a company that isn't paranoid about its use, then it's a plus. It's a technology that will only keep getting better, and at some point in the not too distant future it will probably be yet another thing to add to the long list of skills companies expect. I think it's more powerful in the hands of a senior using it to do junior tasks rather than vice versa.
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Andy Ferrie
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Hi! I'm Andy a full-stack developer based in Bath, UK. I've been working as a Software Engineer in a consultancy for a little over 2 years.

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