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Where are y'all from?
Would love to form some local connections 🙌
Waqar Ahmed
Andrew Kroeze
Shawn Helgerson
Kate Padget-Koh
Ingunn Hegge
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@Shawn Helgerson nice man!
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@Kate Padget-Koh long have you lived there?
AI generated notes from Alex Hormozi’s $100 Million Dollar Leads 👇
Hey! Just created AI generated notes from Alex Hormozi’s $100 Million Dollar Leads Webinar and created a 10 minute video on how I created them in under 5 minutes? No Opt-In. Video is 5 minutes. Enjoy! 🔥
Alexandre B Cote
Saidur Rahman
Andrew Kroeze
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@Alexandre B Cote what were your takeaways?
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@Saidur Rahman what did you learn?
Difference between a $10K/ month and $100K/ month business are the systems 🚀
Here's the truth... You're leaving money on the table because of poor systems. If you're not making data-driven decisions for your business, it's like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if something sticks. And that's not all... Most business owners unconsciously create a full-time job for themselves doing EVERYTHING in their business because they don't have the right systems in place to automate tasks. This is what happen to me when I was building my last 7-figure coaching business where I was so focused on getting new sales not realizing my systems couldn't support that fast growth. There are tons of great courses and masterminds where you can learn everything you need to know about how to get more leads and close more deals faster... But as someone who's grown extremely fast without the proper systems in place, I encourage you to not ignore the importance of setting up systems that can scale with you. I've seen this happen with many of my entrepreneurial friends and clients which is why I'm so passionate about helping business owners create more freedom leveraging systems. What systems are you currently using for your business? 🤔
Tiffany Callahan
Regan Carmen
Janet Sterkowicz Walker
New comment Jul 18
"It's the space between the notes that make the music." 🎵
And just like music, such is life. Yet we rush through life filling it with noise and not creating the space to tune into ourselves and life, so we can flow with it. In society, we're taught that force and rushing is the only way to achieve success... But success by who's standards? Have you taken days, weeks, months, or even years to tap into your heart and defined success for yourself? 🤔 Because of that, I created a free 5-Day Life Mastery Challenge, where I won't tell you what to do with your life, but how to discover the answers for yourself. You will identify and define YOUR OWN... ✅ Core Values from your heart that will help you define who your truly are and make quicker intuition-based decision in your life ✅ Life-Vision from what you truly value that serves as a north star and propels you towards your true desires and the impact you want to make on the world ✅ Core Beliefs that will help you interrupt limiting thinking patterns, so you take more effortless action towards your vision ✅ Energy Rituals that take you out of your head and into your heart so you create the space in your life to flow with it instead of force it ✅ Impact Business which will align you with your vision and purpose so you can serve from a place of abundance
Radhakrishnan Kg
Stephen G. Pope
New comment Jul 7
I was wrong about this 😏
I used to believe that if I created a huge business and made a lot of money, That it would automatically make me feel happy. I wish that was the case… Over the past 6 years, I built a multiple 7-figure business and created wealth but at what cost? My closest relationships… My mental health… My physical health… My spiritual health… My vision, values, and purpose… The cost was far greater than ANY amount of money I made. I know I’m not the only one after talking with many very successful coaches and entrepreneurs… What I discovered is that there is a proven way to feel successful. ⭐️ It starts with prioritizing YOURSELF. Your values. Your mindset. Your energy. Your relationships. Your wealth. When you focus on these things, you'll feel much better as you grow your business. And don't fall into the trap of telling yourself, "I don't have time." If you're constantly thinking, "I don't have time", you will constantly feel overwhelmed. Instead, tell yourself, "I am the master of my time and attention and can do anything I make a priority." What you focus on expands. Focus on these things first and you’ll change the way you feel internally while creating a life you’re proud of. I hope this helps 🙏
David Raven
Tracy Wilson
Daniela Quintana
Larry Le, VMA
Andrew Kroeze
New comment Jul 6
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@Daniela Quintana thank you! I hope it was valuable :)
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thank you for reading my man!
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