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Looking to immigrate to Canada? We provide easy access to legal services and simply the immigration process for top talent to Canada.


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most of message box on skool, such as direct message or even create a post does not allow image paste. for screenshot we will have to save the image then attach which is time consuming. I wish you can add this feature



Robert Charles
Amir Khajavi
Tim Sanders
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
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    @Robert Charles attaching: screen shot , save as, find it, attach it, versus pasting: ctrl+v . benefits: time savings each time, efficiency, . plus most of messaging platforms support pasting

can someone shed some light on the Skool SEO best practices? I changed my group from private to public to get skool help us with SEO, trying to be more effective with our content strategy



Sam Ovens
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Problem: Right now I don't know if I need to wait 1 hour or 71 hours. Solution: Instead of saying 'Please try again later' it could say 'Please try again in X hours.'



Marc-Andre Seguin
Thomas Garbarino
Amir Khajavi
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Chris Marsella
Alex Reisch
Adrian Daniels
Swapnil Garg
Daniel Wagner
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I am trying to add a youtube short link but it says invalid video link Thanks



Joshua St. Clair
Amir Khajavi
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment Apr 24

hello, trying to make a skool subscription community outside US and Canada, does anyone have experience with overseas paying clients?



Ted Carr
Amir Khajavi
New comment Apr 1
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    @Ted Carr using credit cards is not as common as US/Canada in targeting countries. Lots of frauds and Also people are not huge online shoppers in certain third world counties, keep in mind we are in immigration niche

I need to email support



Sam Ovens
New comment Mar 3

to learn more in less time as per Sam Oven.



Oli Reitmaier
Amir Bajestani
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    Oh great thanks for the screenshots 🙏✅

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