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IIS - Module 3, Video 1
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I have connected with family and friends in the past 30 days but have been limited in other methods of communication. My customers are mostly in FB groups and IG since they have been researching various methods to figure out how to manage burnout. Another area I have found people is on the free services group that I found for mental health resources which was handy.
IIS - Module 2, Video 3
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I found a lot on all the search engines provided for burnout but I found that Amazon and Answer the Public helped the most with providing information for larger groups of people. This helped me to understand the kinds of burnout and symptoms that people face in their every day lives and how to come up with different strategies to assist. Youtube was also helpful because of the comments provided with asking about when burnout starts and how it can affect someone's health.
IIS - Module 2, Video 1
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David is a single male who is 28 years old who works as a software engineer in Southern California who is burnt out from 70 hour work weeks and is trying to spend time with friends and finding a significant other. He is netting around $150,000/year but continues to feel burn out from working 6-7 days/week and feeling that it is not enough of a salary for the SoCal area. He is a minimalist guy but wants to buy a house and be able to manage all the overwhelming factors of working long hours, trying to buy a house, making sure to keep healthy, and finding time to spend with others. He is fearful of being constantly burnt out and feeling FOMO from not being able to spend time with family and friends. He is on IG and Tiktok to allow time to relax from the end of a work day and enjoys watching videos relating to time management. He mostly uses his phone but does take time to game on his laptop. He is subscribed to Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Peloton. He does not like to spend additional money unless it provides value to him such as Peloton providing him the chance to workout while doing work or in between assignments. He is a logical buyer and thinks everything through before buying. He likes to work out on his Peloton bike, watch fun videos, and video games.
Video 3
#Video 3 Building your self confidence is one of the ones that stuck out the most. This has been one of the challenges that I have failed in over the years because I have lost faith in myself so many times. I have allowed myself to fail and have not taken the time to learn from those experiences until recently. Now I just want to help others and be able to provide them with the resources to not make the same mistakes that I did. I love the message about giving to others. It really is great to hear such positive words!
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Module 2
#Video 2 My biggest takeaway was being able to shape my mindset to the 30/40/30 model and how to properly have the amount needed to be able to have a good lifestyle without having the stressors that I currently have at the moment. I would need to be around $200000 to live comfortably and have a good amount for savings. My boyfriend and I are looking at purchasing a property soon in the San Diego area which is one of the most expensive areas but we are hoping to eventually be able to have the means for income properties and digital businesses for the future.
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