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Dear Son... (Time Horizon)
Dear Son... this is the "fastest" way to increase how much money you make it is increasing your time horizon when you are building something, a product, a video, a course how do you count the time? in hours? in days? in weeks? In months? in years? or in decades? the lower you are the worse your creation will be you can increase the quality of your product by 10X only by switching how you count time I started by being proud of working 1 hour on something then 10 hours then 1 day then 1 week then 1 months now i'm planning to take 2 months to build 1 of the 8 courses that I have to build how much do you think the difference in quality will be? 2X? 3X? 5X? NO 100X and if you don't know what to work on for 2 months, is because you are trying to build something in 2 months while thinking in days you need to reframe everything from the start if you have 1 hour, you just rush some things down if you have 10 hours, you plan a bit and then rush to work if you have a week, you plan for 3 days, then you operate during the rest if you have 2 months, you might study for a whole month, and spend the next month creating and refining different time horizons require different action stop thinking in days count in months or years i'm still not at a year level but i'm working towards it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.s: I don't have a son, this is a note to self, and to my future childrens
Dear Son... (Not Feeling Productive)
Dear Son... you can be productive even while not feeling like you are doing something it doesn't matter how you feel while doing an action the only thing that matters is that you do it your to-do list doesn't care about how you feel it just cares that it gets done and that's beautiful to me because this means that it doesn't matter how shitty I feel if I do those actions I will get the results no matter what so when you are having a "bad" day or when you are not feeling productive don't look at how you feel look at your to-do list and I promise you that if you check these boxes enough times, you will see results independently of how you feel Dad ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.s: I don't have a son, this is a note to self, and to my future childrens
Dear Son... (Success)
Dear Son... Effort=Success that's the equation that matters the most in business and life Effort=action towards a goal the good thing about effort is that it doesn't care who you are, your age, skin color, sex, origin, etc... no matter who you are, Effort=Success the only thing that external circumstances can change is the delay between effort and success some people take more some take less but in the end, it doesn't change Effort=Success most people struggle because they don't know what they should, what action because some actions will bring you Success WAY faster than others this is a framework I use to avoid doing "useless" actions Materialistic Direction Goal (yearly goal which max 20X what you are making) ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ Monthly Breakdown (breakdown of the yearly goal into monthly income) ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ MRR (how many clients do you need to reach that MRR) ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ Action Breakdown (list all the actions you need to take to get those clients) ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ Action Breakdown(Breakdown the actions above into simpler processes) ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ Action Summary (write down a summary of all the action you'll need to take) then you just do the action that you listed DON'T focus on anything else except those actions and if every day you will put effort into it, you will push forward you will win Effort=Success Dad ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ P.s: I don't have a son, this is a note to self, and to my future childrens P.P.s: This is a notion version of the framework:
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Dear Son... (Just Life)
Dear Son... sometimes life is just life not business it's not all centered around it even if your deepest passion, your true purpose, your calling is business we need to accept that we are human and we need to take care of ourselves not with huge trips and parties but maybe just with a sport, a walk, swimming, dancing, just being if you focus too much on one thing you will lose the beautiful essence of this life you only have one, don't miss 99% of it just to focus everything on that 1% Dad ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.s: I don't have a son, this is a note to self, and to my future childrens
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@Luke Gilbert Thanks Luke, i'm 18 myself and I forget all the time that something exists outside of business (this is why I made this post), sometimes walking at the park is better than working on your business
Dear Son... (Bad Life)
Dear Son... a bad day is not a bad week a bad week is not a bad month a bad month is not a bad year a bad year is not a bad life not even a bad decade is a bad life so don't get angry, frustrated, or sad for a bad day the important thing is that tomorrow you'll get out of bed and keep pushing like never happened the only important thing is that you never stop, especially on a bad day we have around 28,835 days some more some less so even if you spent 10,000 bad days, you will still have the majority of your life we have around 3,962 weeks, so even if you had 1,500 bad weeks you will still have major of your life and this assuming that you live till 76, you might live much longer 10 or 20 years more so don't beat yourself up over a bad day, but do whatever you can to make tomorrow different Dad ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ P.s: I don't have a son, this is a note to self, and to my future childrens
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@Karim Mohamed ahahaah thanks Karim, i'm gonna make him a trillionare
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