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Sometimes you need to express a feeling, but words alone can’t quite do it. Now you can add GIFs to Posts, Comments, Replies, and Chats! Just click the GIF button, type your keyword, find the perfect GIF, and it will attach to the post or comment you are writing. Comment below with a GIF! Thanks team! 🙌



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I'm personally an INTJ. I put in the work, but I don't post nor am I an extraverted individual which comments... and I'm definitely not the only one. When skool launched the level up system to unlock new courses. The first thing that I thought in my head was "how am I going to level up... I don't like spamming posts..." But I do join the live calls, I watch the recordings, I get results and go through comments etc.. but you don't get points from that. I run a group too and I definitely noticed that there are individuals whom are the same. Yet those who don't post are usually the ones who get the results (In some cases, not always). And the ones who comment a lot are perfectionists who don't take action (perfection = paralysis) I would love to see skool analyse how students can earn points: - By joining live calls - Good behaviour (I can manually add points to students... I need to add a reason for the community to see so that everything is transparent) - Posting wins (This should be a no brainer, if a student gets results, they should earn points... a special category in which students can post *WINS*. These posts need to be approved by an admin to earn points from it - because people will definitely just game the system and post dumb wins...) - Log in streak. We wanna incentivise the right behaviour - and spamming dumb questions ain't one of them. Let's say you're a teacher. You like when the students show up, do the work, and get results. Thanks, -Aleks



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