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Is Skool 99% spam & 1% legitimate?
I keep getting people chatting me up saying "Hi, How are you doing?" When I look at their bio it's short and stupid like "Live it well", "Yo! It's me", or "Sports lover". If I respond - the responses are just as stupid, like they're all bots or something. Anyone else noticed this?
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@Nicolas Terry I figured out they are all one or two people, employed by skool - just to "fake chat" people with nonsense. Their only purpose is to "engage" you by ensuring that you get an email in your inbox from Skool a few times a week to bring you back to the site.
Resale Certificate
If I am a resident of IL but have my LLC in WY which state should I obtain a resale certificate from? Will I also have to obtain a resale certificate in the states my suppliers will be shipping products from?
New comment Jun 6
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@Brandon Sorensen Why did you open a WY LLC if you live in IL? Most people do that for only one reason: anonymity. The only other reason I can think of is that you mistakenly thought (or were misinformed) that since WY has no state income tax, you thought that you could open a WY business and run it from IL and not pay income tax. Your problem is that you live in IL so you owe IL income tax regardless of where yor business is. Any business you own has nexus in IL (because you are an agent of the business). Even though you might think that IL cannot figure out that you own the WY business, you have 2 options if that business makes money: try to hide that business income from IL or, not hide it and pay IL income tax on it. Let's look at each one: If you try to hide the income from IL - but file a 1040 Schedule C listing the income, then it will get back to IL that you paid federal tax on income that you did not declare to IL. If you do pay IL income tax on the proceeds from the WY business, then they will want to know why you are not paying any sales tax on the proceeds of the sales from the WY business. Hopefully that makes sense to you. If not, then I would start by asking why you registered your business in Wyoming instead of in Illinois
VPN Recommendations
Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing fantastic. Does anyone have a good VPN recommendation? Thank you in advance!!
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I use Private Internet Access. Click Here to get 30 days free.
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@Daniël Ferwerda No problem - I have tried several VPNs including NordVPN and Express VPN, and I was not happy with their interfaces. If you use Microsoft Windows, Private Internet Access has, by far, the best interface - and that was important for me.
Beginner needs advice
I have opened an LLC in USA and I want to start contacting suppliers so that I can sell their products. My ITIN number should arrive in a few more weeks. Without the ITIN number I cannot get an EIN number (according to what I understand it is mandatory for a business bank account). Should I wait a few weeks until I get an ITIN number and then open a business bank account or operate with my personal bank account as soon as the suppliers ask me for a bank account? (or is there another solution?). Also I am not a citizen and resident of USA.
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@Gidi Goldschmidt 99% of the time, you'll have plenty of other things to do for your business that can be done before you receive your ITIN or EIN. Most suppliers will not even ask for it, so you can get your website set up, get your products loaded, your descriptions written, your pricing calculated, etc. You can also start your marketing, set up Google Business, Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and the same for Bing if you want to use Microsoft as well.
Scaling up
How can I scale up from 9k to 20k monthly
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Scaling up is not difficult. Spend more $$$ on marketing. Use more channels. Invest more time in your business. Offer more/ better products. Decrease churn. Remarket to existing customers. The list goes on... you just need to do the work.
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