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Dear Team Skool, I'm part of a Circle group, and though I much prefer Skool, there are 2 things I must confess I do love about Circle. #1) They allow GIF's. In today's day in age, GIF's are a quick & easy way to express yourself... but more importantly, they're FUN! I use them a lot, and so does everyone on my team. Not having GIF's is a little bit of a buzzkill and makes everything seem a bit more serious & dry... (the screenshot below of the cowboy is actually a GIF someone posted in their Circle post) #2) They allow for bigger photos. Skool's photo size in posts is so small unless you click on it, which makes the text the main focus. But what if I want my photo to be the main focus? Today I posted a screenshot and it's all I really wanted to post. But I had to write a lot of text to convince people to click & open the photo. I think Skool could keep showing their small thumbnail in the 'preview' mode of a post, but when someone opens the post, I'd love to see a full size image (as seen in the Circle post pic)



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Kiryl Melnichenka
Tim Sanders
Danny Mallinder
Mareya Ali
New comment May 23

One word. Posts. Thank you @Sam Ovens @Sid Sahasrabuddhe @Nick Guadagnoli and the Skool Team for this amazing platform and all simplicity that you are bringing here. I just realized that all other community platforms show at least the first 2-3 comments to every post, which makes the whole feed look messy and overloaded. Please, keep the current UX and UI and hope to see more people on this platform.



Nick Guadagnoli
New comment May 18

Was wondering if anyone uses skool for their team, their staff and employees? If so how are you using it or what tools are better?



Kiryl Melnichenka
Michael Brynkus
Lendon Bracewell
New comment May 14
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    We use Slack for teams, but we will be switching to Google Chats soon. I don't think Skool was made for teams and group work.

  • 1 like • May 13

    @Michael Brynkus good question mate. we were using free telegram for teams, but it was a lot if distractions... We like Google Chats for simplicity, integrations and all in one space for collaborations. My team use gmail a lot and you have access to all group chats and channels in one place. Hope it helps.

I know Skool is never going to be a CRM and it's better like this but what is the best crm ?



Saqib Rasool
Daniel Luke
Bruno Domingues
Danny Mallinder
Jim Pellerin
New comment May 6

Everyone I recently ditched/closed on our Facebook group and moved over to the new platform here on Skool. We had about 230 members in our Facebook group and now we are down to 137, I lost some people in the transition for whatever reason…. I’m having a very hard time having people post, answer other members questions, comment etc. A lot more lower activity than our Facebook group. Probably because everybody’s used to Facebook, it had an app, people done like change, etc. Some members have commented that it’s not active as much and they don’t like it… I’m a little frustrated by this…. any suggestions, comments for me that where I can get other members to use the new platform Skool more, get more community engagement just like we were having on FB? i’m open to all suggestions 👏🏽



Kiryl Melnichenka
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Manjit Rukhra
New comment May 4
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    I noticed a huge difference in engagement between $100 members and $1000+

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    @Manjit Rukhra engagement and quality of questions and discussions

Anyone was using Slack/Telegram for communities? How's your experience switching to Skool? P.S. Love what I see here so far. My hope is that after switching from Slack and Telegram to Skool then I can keep my daily engagement at 60-70%.



Danny Mallinder
New comment May 3

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