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Module 2 Video 1
My person is a 70+ yo female that is widowed or divorced, has been an active person, and is starting to worry about staying healthy, worrying about falls, and about their memory, and are wanting to continue to be active to participate in activities they enjoy. I struggle with this population not wanting to buy online programs. My current clients say they are tired of zoom and online "stuff" and want more in person, and they look forward to me physically being there with them. I agree that in person is better for this population for the social aspects. For those of you focusing on this population how have you overcome this?
Module 1 video 3
Things that stuck out to me: N: 90% of your time should be thinking about how to create more value. Asking myself what offers can I make to make more money, what do my people want to buy? I get caught up in my head that nobody wants to buy something to "prevent" so I have to create something that fixes a problem they already have and then I can give them prevention. I struggle with E: Exercise wisdom, and do it over and over, don't just consume. I consume, consume, consume, but this time I am only focusing on this program. I struggle with developing my signature message and repeating it vs. thinking I have to come up with new ideas, learn more, etc. to be the expert.
Module 1 video 2
My takeaway was the importance of using your earned income to create passive income through digital and physical property. My desired # is 500K. I can create a book on how to keep your brain healthy as you age, a masterclass on how to take action to protect your brain and age without limitation, and one idea I really like is creating some kind of "brain box" or "aging strong box"as a monthly membership like "Fab, Fit, Fun" or one of those that would have a variety of goodies (exercise routine, recipes, products etc. that all support a happy brain, along with some positive quotes and uplifting messages). #brainstorming
Module 1 Video 1 assignment
I know I posted my Module 1 video 1 assignment somewhere but can't find when I search my name. So anyway, starting over. I am Corissa Keefner, maiden name Todd, but Greg and I aren't related lol. I am the Brain Health PT and RDN. I have a side hustle mobile PT and wellness practice focused on active aging. I incorporate brain health training, balance, functional exercise, and nutrition to keep older adults independent and aging without limitations. I want to make this happen because I want to have time and financial freedom to be the mom I want to be to my 7 yr old daughter and have a business that makes me proud and brings some light into more lives. My parents taught me about money. They taught me to save, invest, pay bills on time, good debt vs. bad debt. They have lived a comfortable lifestyle achieved by trading time for money and investing. I do think that they want me to play it safe with a job with benefits, 401K, insurance, and they think entrepreneurship is risky however are very supportive. I want more, I want to work hard but also have my money work for me.
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Corissa Keefner
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I’m a DPT & RDN helping people age without limitation. I am interested in active aging, fall prevention, and preventing/delaying memory loss.

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