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IIS MODULE 4- Video 3
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New comment May '23
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i have 4 interview set up. my target audience is marathon runners. My 168 is going to focus on the MSK system so i want to provide value to runners in more than just my scope as a Physical Therapist. I have a marathon runner vegan chef to speak on high quality sources of protein for vegans and other sources of clean fuel, another physical therapist run coach, a dietician/run coach to speak on nutrition and running related injuries, and a run coach to talk on pacing/ RPE, and mindset for marathon training. Hope this variety is on the right track! I have have received 2 "no's" from physical therapists. hoping to get 1 or 2 more PTs in my first round of interviews
IIS Module 3, Video 3
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started trello account and added 15 items to my list. not sure if i chose the correct items??? I started to like tons of photos on the influencer page and left comments on 1-2 photos for each account. subscribed to a podcast and newsletter. Sent a DM to company to that I met one before at an event. Can you please go into more detail about how to organically start the DM process?
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Where are my runners? provider/ influencer: StephIruns IG trainsmartrunstrong IG runrx IG runcoachdpt - local PT/ runcoach therunningdpt IG marathontrainingacademy IG manny pinillos - PT in miami head of run club businesses Running Wild Runners Depot community hollywood run club tarpon river run club brickel run club fort lauderdale run club miami run club riverside plantation run club
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New comment Aug '23
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I currently reach out to family and friends, occasionally post content, rely heavily on referrals, and have contacted 2 people within the last week about becoming affiliates.. nothing solidified yet. 3 most popular places for my target market (marathon runners) are IG, FB groups, and for some in person contact running shoe store. if i had to pick another online location, it would be reddit
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after searching these sites, I am confident there is a market for people looking to decrease pain with running Reddit - common topic posts in a running group included: foot pain, shin splints, ankle pain/issues, heel pain, and injury prevention. There were also complaints that content creators are not relatable and that they promote how they "make time" for running and training without having a full time job. you tube - very high volume site for people looking to reduce pain with running. "stop knee pain now" 8.2 M views, "running warm up" 1.8 m views, "how to avoid runners knee" 2.5 m views, essential running tehcnique tips for proper form" 4.1 m views Amazon: found a few books about injury prevention and treatment. most had high reviews. there was a complaint that one book did not have any diagrams to illustrate injury top searches on google: how to fix runners knee, how to fix achilles tendinitis, running pain outside of knee
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Hannah Sweitzer
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I am a physical therapist. outside of work, I love all things movement! I could spend ALL day biking, running, walking, hiking, paddleboarding, etc.

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