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Module 7, Video 2!
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Freebie on mental skills for tennis players, would appreciate feedback! also planning on using content as a teaser on social to then get them to sign up for the whole thing.
Module 7, Video 1
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Free: 1. top 5 exercises for strengthening different body parts to improve tennis performance 2. top 5 agility exercises for tennis 3. top 5 mobility exercises for tennis 4. top 5 tips for nutrition to improve tennis performance 5. top 5 tips to improve mental toughness on court 6. free one week workout program Paid: 1. 8 week progressive exercise program (different programs to choose from including beginner, intermediate, advance) 2. 8 week diet plan to improve performance 3. exercise library 4. community with access to all new content, live ask me anything (frequency tbd, maybe 1-2x/month), ability to interact with others and learn from them, discounts on products 5. health screen
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Module 5 Video 3 Homework!
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I help tennis players perform better and stay injury free
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Amateur Adult Tennis Players ("weekend warrior"): Pains/frustrations 1. Inconsistency in play in matches 2. lack of mental toughness/able to manage stress/tough moments on court 3. lack of endurance 4. lack of speed 5. lack of confidence in shots that used to be routine when played more often 6. difficulty finding others to practice with 7. fitting tennis into life/work schedule 8. eating healthy to support tennis and potential weight management goals while also managing life/work responsibilities (lack of time to prep/make food) 9. difficulty finding time for training off the court (endurance, agility, strength, etc) 10. plateau in performance on court Worries/Fear 1. worry about injury that can stop them from playing 2. worry about health (physical/weight management and/or mental health) if cannot play due to injury 3. lose friends/social circle if cannot play due to injury 4. loss of method of stress management if cannot play due to injury 5. pain may limit ability to care for family and work 6. lose of personal time leads to increase stress 7. will i need surgery to fix my problem? 8. can my problem be fixed? 9. knowing of others who had to stop playing because of different medical conditions or "getting old" Goals/desires: 1. be able to play tennis as much as want, when they want 2. be able to play into old age 3. be able to play with friends and family, maybe teach their kids 4. stay injury free 5. be able to stay healthy and fit while playing tennis 6. eating a healthy diet that supports their tennis and fitness goals 7. maintain a social group/community of people 8. effectively participate in stress relieving and fun physical activity 9. play with reliability in shots Dreams: 1. play sectionals tournament 2. play nationals tournament 3. stay fit and healthy to be able to play tennis as part of life when retire and grow older 4. Find time for oneself to play tennis so can connect with community and destress and have fun 5. Be able to participate in fun physical activity 6. Love the body you are in, no matter the size because can do the activities I love 7. play a game that can be enjoyed throughout lifetime
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Melissa Minniti
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I am a physical therapist currently working at the Tampa VA but looking to start a side hustle working with tennis players/weekend warriors!

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