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18 contributions to SSHC Business University
Welcome to the NEW SSHC Community!
We would like to welcome you all to the new SSHC Community! Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do!
New comment Jun '23
21 likes • Sep '22
Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Gibson and I’m a DPT in 🦬 Buffalo, NY. I own an online business, Dizzy Doc, where I help people with debilitating dizziness, neck pain, and TMJ get back to living their best lives! I am very grateful to be a part of this community and hope to be able to do this business full time by the start of 2023 (if not before!) to increase my time and financial freedom so I can spend more time enjoying and taking care of my four kids and husband as well as prioritize my own health and wellness.
0 likes • Jun '23
@Colleen Liaga Hi Colleen! Just saw this reply to me. How cool you’re from Lockport! What are you up to with your business?
Let’s Go!!!
#Video 1 Hi, I’m Sarah Gibson, and as of last week can now say I’m a full time entrepreneur working on a hybrid business called Dizzy Doc. I help clients suffering from debilitating dizziness, neck pain, headaches and TMJ get their lives back. I’ve been a PT for 18+ years and have managed my own symptoms successfully for the past 12. I’m very passionate about this population and complex problem, and about finding a way to help clients without burning myself out in the process so I can be present with my 4 awesome kiddos that are growing up way too fast and my hubby of 21 years. I also aim to put my own health in the forefront moving forward. The pain I felt from burnout managing someone else’s clinic working 60+ hours was so great and now I just feel so free and liberated. I actually wanted to get out of bed today, on a Monday, to start working on my biz! This is saying a lot! I want to be able to create a 168 vehicle to continue to spread education about Cervicogenic dizziness so thousands of others can conquer this! I wasn’t taught much at all about money growing up, but to be careful with it and use coupons and find sales from my mom and be somewhat impulsive and it what you want from my dad. Perhaps these opposing views are what I’ve created in my marriage with me being the spender and my husband the saver. It would be nice to be able to not have to worry about money so much in the future and be able to provide the lifestyle for my children that I’ve dreamed of.
New comment Jun '23
Ready to add more value less time to current services
#Video 1 👋🏾 Bianca Simmons, PT, owner of mobile PT clinic with plans to open brick and mortar April 15th. My passion is seeing older adults go from frail spectator to strong participator in life with family and friends. I was taught about money about 2 yrs ago from my financial advisor and YouTube videos. My 168 must happen to allow me time to spend with my teenage during this transition period and be present with with 2yr.
New comment Mar '23
1 like • Mar '23
Awesome, Bianca! We have the same launch date for brick n mortar!
who and why
#Video 1 I'm Jenny! I help active adults who struggle with chronic back pain enjoy the outdoors, especially boating and fishing. Being on the outdoors feeds the soul and can lead to more complex problems than just hurting if it is not met. As far as who taught me about money, it was my parents, money was always tight except when it wasn't!
New comment Mar '23
1 like • Mar '23
Yay Jenny! So happy to see you here! Let’s do this thing! And yes, so true about nature. Heals the soul.
Don't give up
#How to Deal with Rejection Keep pushing ahead, telling self, I'm going to do "1 more post", "reach out to 1 more person." Giving up will not make this situation any better. I've been at this for about a year now, approaching the 1 year starting of my business this October, and Facebook group on Sept 11th. I've recently had to deal with someone "trolling" me as well as someone who was a paid client I had been working with for a month already completely ghosting me and a few paid clients I'd been working with postpone their next treatments. It's been a weird couple of weeks. I did take a vacation in the middle and I wonder if that was a factor (?). Got me down a bit these past couple of weeks, but I appreciate this story and will reach out to 1 more person and do 1 more post tonight!
New comment Dec '22
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@Jenny Resmondo thanks, Jenny. Appreciate the encouragement!
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Sarah Gibson
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I am a Doctor of PT by training and help clients overcome debilitating dizziness, neck pain, and TMJ so they can get back to living their best lives.

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