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IIS Module 3, Video 2
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New comment Jul '23
2 likes • Apr '23
People/groups that are plugged into the audience I am trying to reach: 1. Dr. Pilcher (Bariatric) youtube 16.5 K 2. Dr. Guillermo Alvarez (Bariatric) IG:1 million '' Facebook groups (Bariatric) 1. Bariatric Beginner 103.5K 2. Bariatric Surgery & Gastric Support Group 108.5K '' 3. Bariatric Surgery Support Group 127.9K Facebook groups ( Health and Wellness) 1. Home Gym community 178.6K 2. Health and Fitness over 40: 71.8k 3. Gym Meals 537.2K '' 4. Prehab guys 195K 5. Dads who lift 54.4K Youtube 1. Brandon Carter 973k 2. Dr. Chris Raynor ( not your everyday worth) 418K 3. More plates, more Dates, 1.77 million '' 4. Mark Bell (Super Training Gym) 628K'' 5. Jason Fung 962K '' 6. Gray cook (FMS) 40.7k.'' 7. Joe Rogan JRE 14.5 million.'' 8. Squat University 1.02 million.'' IG 1. [P]rehaone one mill followers 2. nimai_delgado 655K '' 3. Stretch pad 141k.'' 4. Gym list 1.5 mill '' 5. Thomas Delauer 373K '' Businesses: Meal delivery companies, Home Gym equipment companies, Gym apparel, and shoe companies
IIS - Module 2, Video 3
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New comment Aug '23
3 likes • Mar '23
In my research, I found that bariatric support and bariatric pre/post op itself is highly search but the bariatric training and lifestyle was not. I also found that health and wellness without it being directed to a niche like age, gender and training or personal training was less researched. Personal training was researched. Fitness over 50 had a 900% YOY change. On Redditt, "wellness advice" had members over 356K, strength training also had a large follwing of 1.8 million. More research needs to be done!
0 likes • Apr '23
@Greg Todd Yes, I see a lot of information for both groups, but it's hard for these individuals to weed through the information and apply it. I also see that while they may find all the information they need, there is also that mentality required to succeed in health and wellness. The actual follow-through is hard. There is more, but immediately this is a problem I can see.
IIS - Module 3, Video 1
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New comment Aug '23
3 likes • Apr '23
1. I have reached out to old clients and new people I come across in my daily life, and recently have been slowly but surely providing more feedback daily or every other day in forums on FB groups to hopefully gain some new people interested via "giving." I am working on reaching out to the companies of products that I use/used to incorporate affiliate agreements. 2. Facebook groups, Instagram, youtube
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@Adrienne Kawabata Keep crushing it. You definitely have been putting yourself out there.
IIS - Module 2, Video 2
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New comment May '23
4 likes • Mar '23
Hello, Niche 1 Bariatric Wellness pre/post-op There needs to be more connection between groups on Facebook and social media like YouTube and IG. I found a few groups and doctors providing a support platform and education component. FB group: Bariatric Surgery Support Group (128K members) Bariatric Beginners (103K members) Bariatric Surgery and Gastric Sleeve support group (107k members) Personalities: Dr. Guillermo Alvarez's website: endo bariatrics IG gmoalvarez (1 million followers) Dr. John Pilcher YouTube John Pilcher, bariatric surgeon (16.4K subscribed) Niche 2 In the world of health, wellness, and fitness, there are many personalities. There are many out there doing it well and groups with great resources, so this will be a more demanding audience to build. FB groups Home Gym Community by Grarage gym reviews: I am partial to this group because I, too, have created the home gym in my garage, which I believe is a viable option for those that like to train but also have a hard time getting to the gym. (177K members) Solitary cycling: Good group for cyclists but those individuals that look for camaraderie (115k members) Health and fitness over 40: Another community for those adults that look for a place to discuss health and wellness (70k + members) Personalities: More plates, more Dates Mark Bell Brandon Carter Gray Cook (FMS) Dr. Jason Fung “code books” YouTube: Jason Fung (954K) Joe Rogan (JRE) Physiopedia Dr. Chris Raynor (IG and Twitter stablekneez) FB: drchrisraynor I wrote out my 5 P’s (some of the sections I am still working on figuring out) -Please see attached pictures
IIS - Module 2, Video 1
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New comment May '23
9 likes • Mar '23
Jack is 67 yo, a father of 1 and stepfather to 1, grandfather that is retired. He collects a pension and some other tax-free money of approx 85k, and with his wife, closer to 150K. He is preparing for his second bariatric procedure due to ultimately having a failed lap band procedure. He gained all his weight loss and attended previous support groups post-surgical with some success but stopped going altogether 4-5 years ago. He has back pain and a herniated disc of the lumbar and is overweight, but all he is looking for is a way to finally get some control of his weight, mind, and ability to feel good. Larry watches television and cooking channels and likes to work around the house, but his wife is supportive, and she is on Facebook and Instagram. He wants to shop at Publix, Walmart, and Commissary. He can be an impulse buyer, but not unless he is interested. Joe, 57 yo male father of 2 (25 and 23 yo) working in marketing/copywriting a master’s degree with a salary of 150K. He has a recent hx of BL hip replacement more recent prostate cancer diagnosis with surgical intervention and is in remission. He used to work out to get in shape; however, he is 90 pounds overweight and has poor diet choices. He knows what he should be eating but is unmotivated. Joe want to be thin and fit but muscular. Joe intermittently has shoulder and back pain, limiting his return to the gym for fear of exacerbation of pain. Joe frequents social media sites like FB, IG, and LinkedIn and watches videos about health, wealth, and success. He will buy items when informed of their validity and if a reliable source tells him to. He likes to spend time in the mountains of North Carolina for fun and walking.
3 likes • Mar '23
@Taylor McNair This is a real issue for many woman and it sounds like you know the population well and can bring them value.
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