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I’d like to set my goal for $500,000 for the 30/40/30 rule. My takeaway is invest in the right things- me and my health, learning, business and build assets. Digital property and physical property are ways to do this. I need to build my financial literacy and grow. The right and bold start is building my 168 vehicle and invest in something that will generate the passive income I need and that is investing in itself.
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Figure it out, breathe, drive
#Video 1 Hi my name is Takiyah, I currently work in Pediatrics/autism for a clinic as independent contractor. My interests are broad right now, very passionate about general holistic women's health and ready to take the leap into my interest. I really see a more specific role in pelvic health having had a health scare/battle. But am ready to empower women and expand from there! My title mom is my other passion as I spent most of my career full-time in this capacity and a career went on hold. My 3 kids now young adults are my motivation as I want to make sure they have a good foundation, life, and peace of mind. I am re-building out of financial troubles like a lot of others. Figure it out: My background is I learned a little bit about money growing up my parents were teenage- early 20 year olds when they had me and they "figured it out". I grew up very rural. Being the determined duo they were, my dad accomplished a couple of trades and my mom eventually went on to obtain her social work degree with 3 small kids at home. They hit or missed some things, but I had a phenomenal childhood with fond memories and they wanted me to do better- it was not a choice to do better, it was a stipulation. So overall, they taught me A) figure it out B) love motivates determination 3) each generation has to move the next generation forward- I want my kids to be happier than me, have more peace of mind and financial security than me, and the only thing I want them to have less of is unnecessary struggle, instability. Breathe: Taking deep breaths along the way. I am here to move myself forward and take some breaths so I can breathe for them and move them forward. Drive: I am ready to build a vehicle thats going to drive us there, I feel my kids are that motivation and drive.
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Takiyah Olds-Smith
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I am an occupational therapist currently working in pediatrics and geriatrics. I am interested in all things holistic care!

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