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Module 5 - Video 1 Homework!
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Pains and frustrations: 1. Having to take meds 2. Having to prick fingers 3. Avoiding fav food and drinks 4. Cost of meds and new foods 5. Learning new terms and diet strategies WORRIES AND FEARS 6. Needing insulin 7. Complications not reversible 8. Low quality of life 9. Death. GOALS 10. Diabetes remission 11. Weight loss 12. Energy 13. Stop meds 14. Save money DREAMS 15. No more diabetes meds 16. Enjoy family and friends with lots of energy 17. Better body- weight loss gain muscle 18. No pain 19. Live a long quality of life
Module 5 Video 3 Homework!
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I help people 45+ with type 2 diabetes, prevent long term complications by managing their blood sugars one meal at a time.
IIS - Module 2, Video 2
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The glucose goddess on IG, and FB. TT, Jessie is a biochemist and shows how Many different t food affect your blood sugar. She has 1.7 mil flowers in IG alone. She just came out with a book, the glucose revolution selling for $29.99. Her videos are short and to the point t. Lots of color and energy and music or other sounds. Very informative and always lots research regarding what she is showing on her videos
IIS - Module 2, Video 1
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M2,V1- Yvonne is mid 50’s. Has children in college or out of the house. She is Married , dual income. Less than 100k Has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes more than 5 years ago and is taking 2 or more diabetes medications. 50% will be on insulin. Being active and any self care behaviors has been long gone. In the effort of taking care of the kids, the house, low expendable income due to kids in college- there is nothing left over for her. My pt is motivated by family and will give her last dollar if someone needs it. In living this lifestyle the diabetes is “managed” but long term complications are starting to show: blurt vision, weight gain of 15-25 lbs in 3 years. Neuropathy is starting in the toes by now. Growing kids, thinking of grandchildren, and finally having some “me” time is not too far away. Wondering if they will be able to enjoy this next phase of their life? Hurry to get in shape and take better care of them selves. Looking for the magic pill ! With no results after 2 weeks, giving up over and over is a common theme for the next 10years.
Road to 10 Billion mod. 1 worksheet!
#Module 1 Worksheet Hey everyone! I'm Patrick and I'm a Student Physical Therapist and working on a nutritional coach certification with Precision Nutrition. Currently, I'm investing in building my business (Diabetes Management Group) to serve people with Type 2 Diabetes to develop lifestyle habits to overcome the lowest points of their life! My goal is to have $10,000,000,000 when I'm 60 years old to invest in scholarships, grants, and other opportunities to serve young adults or teens learn how to manage their Diabetes and the lifestyle factors associated with it (transitioning off their parent's insurance plan, the importance of taking their prescribed amounts of medications, when to seek help when experiencing an emergency, setting healthy boundaries, etc) as well as people that I believe need the chance to speed up their success! 1. Who taught me about money? My parents, peers, and teachers. 2. What did they teach me? Nothing or Go to college, get a job, and climb up the ladder. 3. What did they have and accomplish? My family has lived in a low-income situation and they have accomplished opportunities for me to go to higher educations through scholarships and the desire to move into the lifestyle I want. 4. Is that what you want? Nope. I want to earn $10,000,000,000 when I'm 60 years old to invest in scholarships, grants, and other opportunities to serve young adults or teens.
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I have no doubt that you will accomplish all this and more!
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RD here! 3 years working in Corporate Health and 17years working in outpatient diabetes clinic In Charlotte, NC. I'm happy to be here!

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