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IIS - Module 2, Video 2
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Influencers: 1. things in common - pushing OT forward as the "go to" for home mods and AIP 2. how they do it - most of the go-tos aren't super active on social media. They're on FB, IG and LinkedIN. The most active ones do videos, product posts (which I love and plan to start doing as well). Most of them have some sort of a course for OTs 3. they are active with their AAA and one is super active in lots of different things in the community 4. their message is promoting OT as the go-to in the home mods arena
IIS - Module 2, Video 1
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I have a couple of areas I'm playing with but I think the winner is.. middle aged, working parents/grandparents caring for their parents, who are overwhelmed or just realizing their parents are aging and need more help and they don't know where to turn. They are afraid mom is going to fall and want to avoid putting her in nursing home, while at the same time they are stressed and BUSY with their own personal roles with their careers and don't want to miss out on spending time with their kids/grandkids while trying to figure it all out. They're looking for an easy solution and willing to pay for that.
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@Ryan Supler I would love to connect and hear more about what you’re doing! I just had a client ask me this week about CBD products for pain associated with late stage muscular dystrophy.
#Video 1 My name is Ellen Hector and I am an integrated PT who owns and operates a gym (6 coaches) and cash-based PT practice (3 PTs) in a facility that also offers nutrition coaching, massage therapy and a functional medicine practice. I specialize in working with clients who have been failed by traditional PT / medical management through a whole-self deep health approach. WHY: I am looking for freedom of time with my family and for myself! My dad was a VP of a large bank so he taught me a lot about money but it was mostly regarding the money for time model, and through investments. However, it lacked the value component which I have learned more and more over the past 5 years. All this has worked fairly well but I know I could take myself and my skills to the next level with all of your help! SO PUMPED! LET'S GO! 168 baby!
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Absolutely LOVE what you’re doing!
Mod1 video 3
#Video 3 B hit me the most, which also goes with C. That’s always been my biggest issue..time and confidence. But I think that’s huge..doing what you tell yourself you’re going to do. I’ve already been using my planner (and loving it), but that’s what I was actually thinking earlier today before I listened to this video..that’s 1 thing I’m proud of myself for actually doing differently. I’m doing the things I put on my list, and it feel so good writing them in the accomplishments area!
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Amy Marchant
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I’m an occupational therapist and recently started a mobile practice focusing on home safety and home mods

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