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Module 7, Video 2!
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New comment Jun '23
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Feedback appreciated. Editing my road map to clearly explain my free and paid offers. A work in progress. Plan to build out a course for clinicians to teach all that i know about intimate wellness and offer systems to help them with their businesses. @Greg Todd
Module 5 Video 3 Homework!
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I help women heal intimate concerns not adequately addressed in a 15 minute annual exam
Module 5 Video 2 Homework
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Let's get it!
Module 5 - Video 1 Homework!
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women with vulvodynia Problems: Pains and frustrations- people dont buy you, they buy having their problems solved Short visits with providers Disconnected from partner Explaining my condition over and over to providers who have no clue Providers unable to diagnose vulvodynia “My partner feels that i am not attracted to him” “I'm not satisfied with only having most of my pain gone. I want it all gone! I want to be who i was before this” “How does one make themselves feel sexy again? I used to be such a firecracker and now I’m just this hollow shell of a person “ “I miss sex so much. I love sex so much and now i get pain even from the rush of blood from a mental arousal ... To the point i dont feel arousal at all anymore cuz my body's just swelling up with fear and stiffness. “ Worries and Fears- Infertility No solutions exist Alone. Noone else is going through this Fear sex will no longer be pleasurable/ cant return to fav position Fear of hormones/ using estrogen Other aspects of my health will crumble I'm scared to have sex, to pee, to insert a tampon, visit obgyn or to even touch myself “fear that this condition will stand in the way of having a long lasting relationship” “I feel like I am going to need to talk to someone about what just happened to me now because I actually feel so violated and scared and sad and dirty right now. I have lost hope with doctors . I don’t know if I have it in me to keep trying to treat this anymore . I feel really scared to speak with anyone about it ever again” Pleasures: Dreams achieved- Goals Met- Pregnancy Long meetings with experts to fully establish trust Solutions that work Found providers that understand normal anatomy and the dysfunction I suffer from Community and connectedness with partner and others Return to favorite positions with intercourse Success using evidenced based treatments Wholistic health prioritized and increased feeling of overall wellness No longer afraid to touch myself or be touched. No longer scared of my own body
IIS Module 3, Video 3
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New comment Jul '23
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Creating my board in Asana since that is what I use already. Will make it easier for my VAs to create emails and subscribe to everyones list and podcasts so that I can spend that time being a visionary :-).
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Jenna Perkins
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I help women frustrated with talking about their most intimate issues with providers who have their hand on the door. Founder of DiscovHER Health

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