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Fun Game Time - Follow Thread + Discount Codes
Hey everyone! Thanks to @Clare Duggan and @Dee Williams for the suggestion -- they want to do a post where you can share your socials (so we can all follow each other -- Pinterest in particular 😍) And while you're at it, if you have a discount code for everyone in the Free Merchant Mastery community (can you say EARLY XMAS SHOPPING?!? 🥳) Please feel free to share that too! So, suggested format (just copy this bit) ⬇️ ⬇️ Tell use what you sell (and why you're different than other shops like yours!) Website - [ ] Social 1 - [ link ] Social 2 - [ link ] Discount Code - [ code ]
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@Jenna Righi I can't help but smile as I use to own the domain 'think before you sink', 🙂
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Beautiful website.
Hello everyone, I’m new here and wanted to introduce myself. I’m Nancy, I have a store in Calgary that offers Women, Baby, and Home accessories made and designed by women. The store is called Think Stunning and I am focusing on increasing my monthly sales throughout my website. Thanks!
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Hi Nancy, welcome!
4 questions to get you more sales...
There are many reasons why you don’t get enough sales with your store… And the best way to find out why is to ask yourself the following questions: 1. Is your copy hitting home on your customers’ pain points and problems? 2. Is your messaging from ad to product page to email flow congruent? 3. Did you use all TBIF attributes on your product pages? If your answer was ‘yes’ to everything above, let me ask you something that 99% forget: 4. Are you getting the right kind of traffic? You see… Many merchants make the mistake of thinking they just need enough traffic to make more sales… But the truth is, you need the right kind of traffic. Everything else is like trying to sell ice cream in Antarctica. Sure, some crazy dude will eventually buy a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough… But getting that sale is much harder compared to selling ice cream to tourists in Italy. Traffic is as much about quality as it is about quantity. You have to figure out where your ideal customers hang out and what’s happening in their lives… So you can stop them in their scrolls and make them go see what you’re offering. Want to learn how to do it? Click here to book a quick chat & we’ll show you a proven way to grow your store without the guesswork.
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@Jenni Waldrop Thanks for sharing. Based on your comment I was going to ask you and @Scott Cunningham does a landing page work better than a website? Your brilliant example which I really liked is more of a landing page style. Does this style work better when you have fewer items and a special/ unique niche?
Some peer advice for you...
One of my mentors once told me that a ‘guru’ is the worst person to learn from. I couldn’t understand that back then, but now I know this is spot on. You see, ‘gurus’ have been ‘gurus’ for too long. Sure, they’ve been through the same things you experience right now… But that was a looooooong time ago. Now they have become full-time ‘teachers’. And even though we still spend most of our time in the trenches of the eCom world… We also wanted to give you a different perspective on growing your store. From someone who was in your shoes just a couple of months back. So we asked 3 of our most successful mentees for the advice they would give someone who feels stuck and run out of things to try. And here it is: 1 – Armita and Pedram who increased their sales by 50% compared to last year: “You’ll make mistakes, your website might look ugly and your ads might not work. But that’s part of the process. It sounds cliche, but if you're dedicated to doing it and trying to enjoy the process – it’s all possible.” 2 – Kelly, who bumped up her online sales by 952% after joining MME: “Be hyper-focused on one type of customer. This doesn’t mean nobody else is going to buy from you. Plus, schedule the time you’ll work on your store in your calendar as a mandatory event – and don’t let any excuse come up.” 3 – Marten who increase his revenue by 27% with our email flows “Be patient. Don’t make the mistake to think you know it all already. Start with building a strong foundation first before you go and build the roof.” Hope that helps. P.S. If you want to hang out with our expert coaches AND Armita, Pedram, Kelly, Marten, and many more every week… Complete your application here to see if you’re a great fit to become our mentee too.
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@Armita Pedram @Kelly ODonnell & @Marten Groenheyde I salute you! Thank you for sharing, truly appreciated.
What are your BFCM goals? 🚀
It's that exciting time of the year again! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner! We know you've been working hard, attending the BFCM bootcamp😉 (if you haven't yet, just send me a message), and gearing up for this incredible shopping extravaganza. We want to hear from YOU! What are your BFCM goals? 🚀 Are you looking to break previous sales records? Expand your customer base? Launch a new product? Share your aspirations with the community and inspire others! Drop your goals in the comments below 👇 and let's support each other in making this BFCM season the most remarkable one yet! ✨
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I haven't got any sales or customers yet, but looking forward to that first trickle, then splash of orders. Wishing everyone the best in this coming season.
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