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IIS - Module 3, Video 1
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1) Have to say 0 to all items as I just started on using my niche as my vehicle. So definitely have to share to family friends and strangers as well as content development and placing on FB/IG. 2) You Tube, Instagram, FB, and possibly Tik Tok for the teenage athletes more so then the parents.
IIS - Module 2, Video 3
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This was tough to search for my niche and the google ads one kept trying to set me up on a campaign. Plus having to be more specific might help me see what I can do for my niche before scrapping it. Because I want to help athletes who have sustain a concussion return to sport and learning safely and the right way. The sam with answer the public it would not let me just search without signing up for a trial.
Have several letters to work on
#Video 3 I have to say going through the breakdown acronym of the word INVINCIBLE. it was like trying to solve a puzzle, on wheel of fortune. The N's were consistent areas to work upon. controlling time and lower expectations of others were another means to work better with. As someone who tries to do many things and does not focus only on one thing. I can see why I am not where I want to be or need to be for myself and my family.
Financial Illiteracy
#Video 2 The biggest things I took away was how scary applying what my family brings home and how little we have when one applies the millionaire wealth formula (30-40-30) and what I thought about finance/money management how little i truly knew about. Which if it was an IQ test I would be below Forrest Gump level of intelligence in financial IQ. Which is what i am striving to learn and apply.
Who Am I and What Person do I Want to Become?
#Video 1 Hello Everyone. I am Patrick Walker, a practicing PT for 21 years and a former strength and conditioning coach/personal trainer and lecturer. I reside outside of Philadelphia and have been in almost every type of place a PT could work (aside from SNF, and Rehab Hospital). Basically, I have always been dealing with struggles physically as a child and some health concerns in my past. But found a place for me was in health and fitness. I always wanted to be the best elite person I could be in spite of my workaholic nature. I have been working since I was 12 and held at least 2-3 jobs in college and a fulltime job while going to PT school full time. I wish to blend my love of fitness/athletics (since I was never and athlete but helped many) and concussion and cognitive rehab to service communities that need a behind the scenes person to restore their dreams and overcome their fears. My father was my source of learning about money. He tried to get me to save and invest and put money into stocks and IRAs (which I did for IRAs). But he was able to retire somewhat early but still faces concerns about money as well as concerns for his kids and more importantly his grandchildren. I need/have to have this 168 vehicle work and learn to be able to take the skill set and eventually set up more vehicles for passive income to possibly reduce my working hours to stop my burnout and find passion in something that gets me out of bed in the morning.
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