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Are you ready to step into the inner circle of e-commerce brilliance? 🚀
This isn't just another post. This is a call to action for those who are ready to make waves. Is This Your Moment? ✅ Are you a Shopify store owner making over $10k/month? ✅ Are you currently running ads online (Facebook, Google, etc.) ✅ Are you coachable and ready to scale your store? ✅ Are you ready to implement proven strategies that deliver results? If, YES, then you are ready to accelerate your Shopify game! You see, our recent in-person Merchant Mastery Accelerator (MMA) event in Chicago was nothing short of game-changing. Imagine a vibrant group of MMA members gathered in person, plus more joining virtually, all diving into a day of strategic brainstorming and Black Friday planning. All driven to the same goal of making this year’s 4th Quarter the BEST EVER! The atmosphere was charged with ambition as we set our sights on bold BFCM goals—thinking BIG was the only option! (Attendees were setting BFCM goals at $100k, $250k and even $300k+) But, hold onto your seats because there's more! Our Chicago event was just the appetizer. March 2024 takes us to Cabo for an explosive 2-day mastermind. This is where dreams come alive as we strategize and chart the course for the year ahead. 🏝 You will want to get in before this event, because trust me, ONE conversation at these events can generate thousands in profit. And this is just the live events... We also have a vibing Skool community, weekly coaching via Zoom, previous event recordings, and more... So... , Do you want to be a part of this thing? We're unlocking the doors to MMA only once more before the end of 2023.
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@Scott Cunningham - as an update to your second slide, our new goal for this month is $90K which we should hit by Thursday. (Here's our MTD right now on Tuesday night 8/29.) We blew right past that $60K stretch with a week to go in the month. So yes, that will be $30K in our final week of the month. Let's goooooooo!!!!!!
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We hit $90k at 2:45 today!
Pinterest Follow Thread
Can we do a Pinterest follow thread here? I'm having a hard time with zoom on mobile and want to follow everyone. Mine is :)
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Duggan Sisters - makers of lifestinks deodorant
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@Dee Williams I would ask @Jenni Waldrop this is a separate thread. This one is for introductions and following each other.
Want to run an EPIC sale event? 💥🤯
We've decided to share one of our best-kept secrets with you FOR FREE… 🎉 If you ever wondered how to run an EPIC SALE EVENT that will leave your customers excited and eager to shop… This is your lucky day. 🍀 We just created a free checklist that’ll run you through every step you need to take… From creating the right offer to optimizing your store and setting up paid advertising campaigns. Want a copy? Just reply with “sales” in the comments section of this post and I’ll make sure you get it in no time. 👇
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Tushy text examples (
@Scott Cunningham often mentions (they sell easy to install bidets) as an example of full-on branded marketing at every step. I don't need any more product from them (we only have so many toilets in our home), but I stay subscribed to their texts and emails. And they can be OVER THE TOP from time to time. So today I got this check in text, which I thought was interesting. I've included a screenshot of both St. Pat's and today, so you can see what they're doing. It seems they are going to start having 2 levels of content (super cheeky and less so) for every text....
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