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Module 8- 2 Min Video!
In Module 8: Video 2, We Asked You To Create A Video. Please Post Your Video Here
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Ok everyone here is my first try at this so let me know what you think. I found this teleprompter app which really helped me not ramble or go off on tangents like I often end up doing but I can't figure out how to download it so here's the link to view the video
Module 5 - Video 1 Homework!
Put your homework below for Module 5!
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I help busy parents and professionals as well as active agers 60 plus to move, function, and stay in the know even when they're on the go with tools and effective/efficient strategies to keep them safe, fit, healthy and active at every age and stage of life. Pains and frustrations: Lack of time Lack of energy/motivation Lack of know how/support Difficulty staying consistent Lose interest with programs that lack variety Joint pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility Changing or chronic health issues Increasing weight and or expanding waist lines Afraid they won't see results despite efforts Feeling overwhelmed Worries and fears: Fear of injuring oneself Fear that their Independence will decline if their strength and mobility is not good enough Fear they won't be able to do the things they need want or love to do due to limited function Self-conscious about their body and working out around others Worry about maintaining work life balance and neglecting family while spending time on themselves worried about financial constraints and affording Fear the changes in their health and that it could lead to social isolation Goals To have increased energy, and vitality To be happy with their reflection in the mirror To have greater self-confidence To have less stress and more restful sleep To be toned trimmed and a healthy weight improving their confidence around friends family and coworkers To have the proper mobility to participate in recreational activities they enjoy and to be active in the lives of their friends and families To have good health To have a fast fun and effective movement program that works Dreams: Participate in a marathon triathlon or other type of competition Be a health and exercise role model for their friends and family Set a personal record for a sport or activity that they love To maintain Independence and vitality able to age actively in their own home To safely participate in or go to events for their kids and or grandkids without worry To have the strength/mobility to do the things they need want and love to do at work and at home to be in great health requiring minimal pharmaceuticals or physician interventions
Winning Wednesday
I love Winning Wednesday, it's the sharing wins and successes being a powerful way to build a strong and supportive community. It encourages everyone to celebrate each other's achievements, big or small, and to keep striving towards their goals. By sharing our successes, we not only inspire and motivate others, but we also acknowledge our own progress and boost our own self-confidence. So let's take a moment to celebrate the wins we've had over the past week, and encourage each other to keep growing and achieving even more. Remember, together we can accomplish great things! So drop those wins below!
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I got to enjoy a little downtime the last week having spring break in Florida with my family. However while I was there I also got to mix a little business with pleasure. Our first couple of days we were able to stay with our old neighbors who relocated to Florida and did a fun BFR circuit walk and also got to show the BFR bands to her neighbor who has college and high school level baseball/softball players plus dad is a coach. It's always fun seeing the light bulb go off when people demo the bands and see and feel the huge difference they make in a short amount of time. I also was able to create an exercise video daily while on vacation with the BFR bands for my private Facebook accountability group BFR to Better Health and Fitness. This brings me to between 60 and 70 pre-recorded walk , functional flexibility or circuit training exercise routines as well as some different specific sports performance routines that I can now repurpose for my 168. I also got a chance to take our partnership lesson to heart and was thrilled to be able to personally meet Lisa Chase and her awesome staff at her cash pay clinic in St Pete's - Back 2 Normal. We had a lovely time learning and collaborating where I demoed the BFR bands for her staff and she demoed the Neubie device and educated me on HRV technology all amazing things for our clients that I never would have known about without this group. Lastly when I got back to work a couple days ago the marketing director for my 30-hour job had posted to my Facebook page a video they created with me and the BFR bands to their company social media telling everybody that I was the community BFR expert and to reach out to me with questions so I'm slowly becoming the local authority figure in this tool and technology that I enjoy so much because it helps so many people. I also had an elderly patient with peripheral neuropathy that I loaned my bands to a couple weeks ago. When he gets a scratch on his leg it turns into a wound that oftentimes takes years for him to heal. His latest wound was getting worse and the doctor feared they were going to have to do surgery however after using the bands just 10 to 20 minutes every day for a couple weeks the weeping has stopped, there's a lot of healthy pink tissue formation and they are closing faster than they ever have in the past so surgery is no longer on the table which was thrilling to hear. Plus he is now become a patient evangelist and is educating the doctors about this amazing concept that unfortunately they're still not aware even exists for so many different health issues so a win-win on many fronts.
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@Jennifer Kinkade B3 has created some great educational videos about all the researched based health and fitness benefits and here is a link to there short 3 minute video for a simple overview. Enjoy and any questions don’t hesitate to let me know!
IIS - Module 3, Video 1
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1) I have reached out to friends, family, and co-workers with my BFR business. One colleague just became a BFR consultant as she has a pelvic health business and is using them in her treatment strategies and also instructs internationally. I also loan sets when Mom's call me to their injured youth athletes and two weeks ago one also called me back to do in home concierge PT after a recent injury. I also regularly speak to my clients about BFR and allow a select few typically 65+ to use my loaners for a couple weeks which has helped build rapport with their physicians and now have one in service to do for a podiatrist group due to my patient being an evangelist for me. I also speak to strangers when I comment on appropriate topics in Facebook groups that I am in. 2) for my middle age mom / professional group I often interact with them at school activities or athletic events however in terms of social media they tend to mostly be on Facebook Instagram and Pinterest and many enjoy different podcasts. For my potential 65 plus niche I tend to talk to them in person in the clinic and in discussion found out they do search online predominantly on Google and also Amazon for books and some say they enjoy YouTube.
IIS - Module 2, Video 1
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My niche Avatar is a busy Urban or suburban middle-aged mom that is single, married, or divorced making at least 100K a year who's always on the go balancing work home and her kids hectic schedules. She's experiencing stiffness and achiness from stress and sitting a lot to and from everyone's activities and fears pain or injury may be in her future but is constantly fighting a lack of time and energy to address her own self-care needs. Her mind, mood, body and health are in a state of change which causes some fear and anxiety that she won't be able to do the things that she needs to do for her family, work or that she wants to do physically or recreationally.Her body is not as fit slim or toned as it was just a few years ago affecting her confidence and making her feel less desirable. She's overwhelmed by all the information out there on Google searches Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, Pinterest and YouTube and desires simple accurate and effective health or movement advice to help her look and feel better with a like-minded community of people that she can relate to and commiserate with who understand. She enjoys reading, podcasts and occasionally binge watching on Netflix in addition to her walking group and going to the local farmers market as she tries to incorporate healthy and sustainable options in her family's everyday life.
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I'm a PT, wife, & Mom to 2 active teens. I'm also a BFR certified coach that loves to use & share it's many benefits personally & professionally

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