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#15 Books Everyone Should Read Before They Die The Courage to Be Disliked: How to Free Yourself, Change your Life and Achieve Real Happiness by Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga is an amazing book - I highly recommend it



Matej Stehlik
Kennedy Assoumou
Evan Del Bigio
Andrew Kirby
Fedor Shatukho
New comment Aug '22
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    The book looks really good, thanks for sharing! If there‘s or two main big ideas that you learnt from the book, what would they be?

#Synthesizing Intro Hello everyone! My name is Matt and I'm from Slovakia. I'm glad to be part of this amazing community. Things what I'm mostly passionate about are primary situated around 1. Business 2. Self-improvement 3. Mastering my craft So over all things such as mastering mindset to live up to one's fullest potential, laws of nature, thinking and philosophy in general, books, overcoming addictions, learning languages (currently learning German), working out, becoming alpha, communication, body language, social dynamics and the list goes on :) My vision is to help as many men break from the cycle of porn addiction as possible, enabling them to live up to their fullest potential as strong, assertive men. I'm starting to go full-in with my YouTube channel, focused specifically on such topic. Besides this, I'm currently in the process of perfecting my program offer and improving client acquisition. Let's make this year phenomenal! Have a good and productive day everyone reading this!



Benedek Santa
Matej Stehlik
Owen Sheasby
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    @Benedek Santa That's great! I think one of the most profound realisations is that there's a lot of pillars that need to be built in order to quit porn (and any other addiction in general). Some of the pillars being: beliefs about quitting and one self, reasons why (also values, priorities), eliminating underlying problems, eliminating urges, removing the source of temptation, and so on and so forth. Just one missing pillar may cause the whole building to collapse.

So a few months ago I dropped a Dm here in this group to @Matej Stehlik because I saw he was also from Slovakia, we started to talk, and quickly we became good friends, this is the second time us meeting in Kosice so I can say, that I made a real friend in this group



Matej Stehlik
Benedek Santa
Daniel Reynolds
Ethan Dodd
Yusuf Elbasan
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    Was fun meeting you and talking to you as always. We look quite good in the picture 😜

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    @Andrew Kirby Definitely, let’s motivate everyone in this group to take the opportunity to network and make some amazing connections!

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