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Have you recently purchased your first drone and are feeling a bit overwhelmed? Are you looking for a community where you can connect with other drone enthusiasts, get help, and learn how to fly your drone with confidence? Look no further than the 1st Drone Academy!

Our community is designed specifically for beginners in the drone world. We offer a welcoming space to hang out with like-minded individuals, get expert advice, and learn how to fly your drone with ease in public. Best of all, our community is completely free to join!

But if you're ready to take your drone skills to the next level, we have something special for you. Our paid course, "Drone Like a PRO," is a comprehensive program with tailored exercises that will teach you everything you need to know to fly your drone like a pro.

Happy flying,

Henrik Olsen

Founder 1st Drone Academy

Private group

Our Academy is for hobbyists using DJI Drones that want to learn to Drone Like a Pro without fear of flying in public.

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