The popularity of computers and the Internet has grown enormously the past decade. Our lives are affected by the Internet in every way. Each day it is estimated that an average family uses the Internet for more than one hour. Eventually by the year 2012, all our electronic equipments including our Televisions will be connected directly to the Internet. At our children's school each classroom contains at least one Internet connected computer.

Many educators and parents are aware of websites that contains porn, violence, and other harmful contents that can damage the minds of our children. To fight and prevent access to these sites, educators and parents pay for software that will block these contents, usually in the form of firewalls, virus scanners and content filtering software. Firewalls, virus scanners and content filtering software are great and necessary in all computers as the threat is real.

Many people believe that using content filtering software on their computers will prevent their kids from seeing inappropriate contents such as drugs, violence and pornography. This is absolutely incorrectly, as many kids can view search results that contains graphical images that are not blocked by the filtering software. Content filtering software will block access to websites that contains pornography, violence and other inappropriate materials but it will not block search results. To conduct a test on your own, do a search on and search for the term "playboy." Displayed in the search results are images of naked and half naked women and men. The results are similar in other top search engines such as and The content filtering software will probably not allow you do click on the links, but the damage has already been done as the images are displayed to your child.

That's why it is important to compliment your protection software with a startup webpage on your web browser that will conduct safe searches and display kids safe search results. One portal site that specializes in kids safe search engines is . Skool SafeSearch is an excellent kid safe website to set as a startup page for your children's computer as it will prevent them from searching for inappropriate materials.

All parents are encouraged to visit Skool SafeSearch and set their child's startup or homepage to go to